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Re: Lost Soul

Today IS tomorrow ^_^

And here we go...

Chapter 2 - Hospitalized

It's a quiet morning in the Leaf Village when everybody in the half-kilometer radius woke up from an unfamiliar scream. Kiyoshi was too startled by the change in his waking-up routine; the air smelt like Vic’s nose drops, his back ached from lying on something that was too soft for his liking, and then there was the blonde girl who was standing over him and gave off the aura of nagginess. He looked around and realized that he was in a hospital, on a bed, and that the blonde longhaired teen girl was a nurse.

"Oh, hi" Said Kiyoshi

A vain popped up on Ino's forehead and she burst out screaming "Don't scare me like that!!!" medics ran in as she carried on. "Furthermore, don't scream in a hospital!!!" The medics were dragging her away as she cursed Kiyoshi.

"Yeah, likewise" said Kiyoshi surprised by the nurse with attitude.

"What did you say?!" she started kicking and waving arms in all directions as the medics were carrying her out the door and closing it after themselves, eventually the screaming faded away into the distant hallway.

"Wow, what a place, I’ve been here for only..." Kiyoshi thought to himself, and got interrupted by an intruder. "Heyya how's it going?!" he didn't turn his head around fast enough to see the person enter, but when it was completely turned all he could see is a nose with wide nostrils, a ridiculously huge grin, and very uncommon whickers on both cheeks. "What the..." Kiyoshi started but got interrupted again.

"Hey Naruto, back off and give him some air." Kiyoshi observed the character as he was backing away. This guy had an obsession with the color orange, blond spiky hair and for some strange reason this 'Naruto' had sharper teeth than any normal person did. He looked past him, and saw another nurse standing in the doorway, this one had seemingly unnatural pink hair, and nothing else in particular that caught his attention except her nurse uniform being of the red color.

"Ohh crap... are you here to avenge your colleague?" Kiyoshi was getting rather worried.

Sakura replied "huh? Oh you mean Ino? No, don't worry about her, everyone here thinks that she has too big of an attitude for a ninja."

An expression of relief came over Kiyoshi's face, gladly forgetting the image of angry nurses with syringes filled with god-knows-what. This time his team, and Kakashi appeared behind Sakura.

"Oh my god, if this keeps up the whole Village will be in this room." Kiyoshi thought to himself.

"Sakura, let us in." said Kakashi and entered with his comrades. "Hey Kiyoshi, how're you holding up? Did I break anything?" Kiyoshi tried to get up, and found himself accidentally nearly jumping out the window, He was stopped by Kakashi's hand grabbing on to his ankle to save him, and fell down head first with a face grind.

Everyone was confused by what just happened, as well as Kiyoshi, he asked, "did you give me steroids or adrenaline or something?"

"What? God no!" replied Sakura.

Kakashi whispered something in Kiyoshi's ear, as Kiyoshi looked down to see that he was wearing nothing but boxers. "Oh my god! Who changed me?!"

"That would be Ino, she seemed to have a thing for you and demanded to be the one watching over you." replied Naruto, with an answer that sent chills down Kiyoshi's spine.

"I don't think I feel so good..." Kiyoshi's face was becoming pale. Kakashi took the flowers out of a vase nearby, and splashed the water inside into Kiyoshi's face, then started slapping him.

"Hey, stay with us, don't go into the light." said Kakashi in a calm manner, still slapping Kiyoshi silly. Naruto couldn't hold it in and burst out laughing at the scene in front of him.

Kiyoshi came to, when Sakura used the smelling salts on him. "She thinks that anybody skinny is hot, and therefore is anorexic herself," added Sakura to the previous statement about Ino.

"Please stop, you're supposed to be stopping me from dying, not killing Me." said Kiyoshi

"He's got a point there..." said Naruto to be interrupted by Sakura's punch in the face which sent him flying through the wall and into the next room. "Guhhh..." moaned Naruto with drool coming from his mouth and eyes spiraling.

"Are they always like that?" whispered Kiyoshi

"Don't mind them... anyways, how are you feeling?" asked Kakashi

"Better... Hey guys!!" he yelled to the kids patiently waiting, and then running up to him and talking at the same time. "Whoa, go easy on me, my head's still spinning." moaned Kiyoshi, and the kids became quiet. "Anyways, I’m guessing those two aren't going to introduce themselves." Kiyoshi said pointing his thumb at Sakura holding Naruto by the collar standing over a pile or rubble and smacking him in the face with a fly swatter.

"Right, I guess I'll have to do the deed. You already know their names; that's Naruto and that's Sakura. They were once team seven, with me as their teacher, and another team member named... Sasuke" said Kakashi, and made the last part come out with a chill in his voice. "I can't speak for them, seeing as it's a private matter, but I’ll tell you this; do not ask them unless you're prepared to have a bad day ahead of you."

This made Kiyoshi wander what happened to this 'Sasuke' fellow, but left that part alone, and decided to liven Kakashi up. "You're a teacher?!" exclaimed the blond and burst out laughing.

This made Kakashi forget about Sasuke for the time being, and focus on doing something unpleasant to Kiyoshi.

"Kiyoshi wiped off the tears from laughter, and said "Ahh… where's Tsunade?"

Kakashi replied with "battle of impending doom, the worst kind of battle there is." This confused Kiyoshi, so Kakashi said continued, "Politics... that's the worst kind of battle that can be fought, you see I gave her the results for the test, and she decided to accept your proposal. But her acceptance isn't enough, she needs the approval of the senate before making this kind of decision." To which Kiyoshi smiled.

After more several life-threatening and overall hectic battles took place in his resting-room, they finally let him out of the hospital. He put his clothes on, which felt extremely light. While walking alongside Kakashi, Naruto and the kids, He leaned over to Kakashi and asked "umm... Kakashi-sama, where are my..." he said in a low voice.

"I'll show you where I hid them, but why are you so secretive about them?" Answered Kakashi to Kiyoshi's inquisitive face.

"Well, you see I like to keep an image. I bet you find me to look like some brat who doesn't know how to boil a pot of tea, right?" Kiyoshi began explaining.

"No! Of course not!" Kakashi saw Kiyoshi's don't-lie-to-me face. "Yes… actually, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw you."

"Yeah... I have a tendency of making that impression." Kiyoshi put his hands behind his head and looked up at the sky. He continued "I'm skinny because that's my natural metabolism, I look skinny, but my body transfers the proteins from the meat I eat into very condensed and organized muscle cells. But I don't eat a lot you see. If I did, my muscles would look only slightly bigger, but I would be a lot stronger."

"If you have such a fast and advanced Metabolism, why don't you use it to your advantage and constantly eat to strengthen yourself up?"

"It's not that I haven’t tried it, but it's just that I'm never hungry," Kakashi sighed at this immature kid. "And the fact that I'll die if I eat over my limit."

Kakashi's This-kid's-lost-my-respect Expression changed into a surprised one. "What do you mean?"

"It's kind of like this, if a person starves for 3 weeks, and eats a feast in the end, the person will die due to the sudden change of eating habits, their body won't handle it. The same thing's happening to me, but I can't gradually increase my food portions even slightly, believe me, I tried. I once decided to have one extra spoonful of soup, and they took me to the hospital to pump my stomach out."

"Well I just lost my appetite,” said Kakashi

"You asked for it," replied Kiyoshi.

They reached the battlefield where they fought the previous day. Naruto's mouth opened in shock, when he saw what happened to the previously grassy training fields. The whole terrain was scarred with big craters and long deep lines of dug out earth created by people fighting. Closer observation showed that most of the footprints were Kakashi's. There were halves of trees and rocks all over what used to be considered a field.

Kakashi looked at Naruto’s shock, and said, "Hmm, I'll need to get Yamato to fix all this." then remembered why they came back. "Oi, Naruto! Go and play hide and seek with the kids will ya?"

"Hey!!! What am I a babysitter?!"

The kids screaming “Naruto you’re counting” cut off the spiky haired blond, and so he ran off giggling.

"That guy has A.D.D." Said Kiyoshi

"Ya think?" confirmed Kakashi, and led Kiyoshi to his weights.
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