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Re: Fav Naruto Couple

Originally Posted by AdventGriever View Post
If I said I'd like Hina/Sasu, I would have put


Since you want to know what I was going to put there I'll tell you.

Hinata/Being really dead.
Sasuke/Getting owned by Itachi and getting Amaterasu'd.

I also enjoy it when Naru/Hina fans only believe that Naruto doesn't like Hinata because he isn't aware of her feelings for him. They make it sound like, if he knew, he's instantly love her back. They only factor in Hinata's feelings, never Naruto's.

I really don't see why you hate Hinata so much. And I REALLY don't see why you want her dead.
ok. I can get why you hate Sasuke, so no comment.

I don't think that at all. I think that if she gave telling him and opening up a little he might like her, but really, if Kishi has her doing that, what would be the purpose if it didn't get her anywhere?
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