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Re: Lost Soul

Chapter 4 - Newcomer

Naruto and Kiyoshi were walking down the street to Naruto's favorite Ramen stand. They were talking, but Kiyoshi's second mind noticed something strange, he got a feeling as if being followed. The follower wasn't hard to notice due to the affectionate aura that they released.

"Must be that Ino girl" Kiyoshi thought to himself "I wonder if Naruto's noticed her too." then forgot about it and carried on with his unintelligent conversation with the blond kid beside him.

At the exact same moment, Sakura had managed to tie Ino up to a tree, and was using a coin on a string to hypnotize her.

"You are under my control..."

"Untie me forehead girl!!!" screamed Ino at Sakura

"Not until I change you back to Ino" replied Sakura. This time seeing as hypnosis wasn't working, she decided to approach this with a different method. She pulled a cross from her pouch and screamed, "The power of Christ compels you!!!" waving the cross in Ino's face.

Naruto and Kiyoshi had already reached 'Ichiraku Ramen' and ordered their meals, after hearing Naruto's order, Kiyoshi started wondering how Naruto's financial statements looked. That feeling as if somebody's watching them was still there.

"Ino isn't a shy girl, this can't be her" Kiyoshi thought getting slightly annoyed about getting so worked up over the subject. "I hope this doesn't turn out nasty," he accidentally said out loud.

"Huh?" asked Naruto

"Oh sorry, kind of lost in my thoughts." Kiyoshi apologized, but then decided to ask Naruto a question. "Say Naruto, have you noticed that somebody's been following us since Tsunade's building?"

"No I haven’t... were we?" Naruto asked surprised, and then got angry "Come out and show yourself!!!" he screamed into the street, making everyone turn around and look at the Idiotic teen.

"Sit down or I'll never hang around you again,” said Kiyoshi, to which Naruto sat down quickly without a word. "If somebody's following us, you can't scare them off like that. If it's battle, they'll know that they've been spotted. If you notice them and stay quiet, you'll have the element of surprise, in addition to which, they'll get cocky thinking that they have the upper hand."

Naruto stared at Kiyoshi "what if it isn't a battle?"

"Then think Naruto! Why else can somebody be following you?"

"Several reasons, they could be spying, or..." he thought back to the mission where he had to find the scent bug "or they could be waiting for you to find something to take it away."

Kiyoshi was a bit surprised at such a detailed example. "If they're spying, they want information on you. Therefore you have to feed them false information, but you have to think what kind of information you have to feed them, don't say something stupid that you might regret later. If it's the other case you mentioned, you have to set up a trap without them noticing, or if that's impossible, come up with a plan."

Naruto thought about this and realized that he forgot what got this conversation started in the first place. "So what do we do in this situation?"

"We eat, nobody's watching us anymore, you scared the girl away." Answered Kiyoshi.

They talked a while until Naruto finished eating his 24th bowl of Ramen. Kiyoshi managed to learn that Naruto is all about little thinking and brute force. Naruto told him about people that Kiyoshi had to meet, Kiyoshi was anxious to meet his future teammates.

On the way back Kiyoshi started wondering again who it was that was stalking Naruto previously, because usually after being chased away, the stalker returns to what they were doing before, "I guess they were more interested in Naruto. He was coming to a corner when from around it came a guy with long black hair and nearly collided together. They stopped a foot away from eachother face to face; this guy had pale eyes, a forehead protector, and a serious attitude.

"What's your business here?" asked the guy

Kiyoshi tried to recall if Naruto told him of someone like this, but he didn't. "Umm, sorry?"

"What is your business in Konoha?" rephrased Neji

"I'm a new citizen, and I live here,” answered Kiyoshi ignoring the guy's attitude.

"I'm sorry, but may I have some proof?" Neji said

"What's this all about?"

"We don't like strangers in Konoha, so if you aren't one, soon people will get to know you and not ask you, but until then, may I see proof of your citizenship?"

Kiyoshi didn't realize that he was supposed to have proof, Tsunade didn't give him anything. "Umm..."

He was cut off by a voice from above "It's ok, he didn't get any, but he's with me for now." It was Kakashi; he was crouching on top of the fence.

"Fine, but since you're here, may I know your name so that I can make sure?"

"I'm Kiyoshi"

"Neji" with that they shook hands and Neji walked away

"What's his problem?" asked Kiyoshi

"He's from a strict family, The Hyuga family, and he was disciplined a lot. You might bump into him often, and perhaps even have missions together." replied Kakashi and jumped off the fence. "I'll show you around more since Naruto failed to do so."

"Ahh yes... him and his A.D.D." smiled Kiyoshi

"Yeah, so what do you think of Konoha so far?"

"Well... It'll take time getting accustomed to, and people act strangely, especially around Naruto."

"Well, it's not really my place to tell you why, but he should tell you once he warms up to you."

"I thought he already warmed up to me, he's all over the place when we talk." with that, the conversation died and they were walking quietly for a while until Kiyoshi remembered something else and asked. "Um... when Naruto and I were walking to Ichiraku Ramen, I noticed somebody was following us, and from what I can tell is affectionate towards Naruto."

"Hah, you figured it out in half a day, when Naruto couldn't for 5 years. Haha..." This amused Kakashi.

This confused Kiyoshi a lot, "5 years? Naruto's been stalked for 5 years and didn't notice?" Kiyoshi thought to himself. Then asked, "How did he pass as a ninja?"

Kakashi stopped and gave Kiyoshi a serious look "don't underestimate Naruto, he may not be as sharp as some of the people you've fought, but his spirit and emotion make up for it. He'll never give up until he gets what he reaches for." Kiyoshi smiled at what he just heard and understood what Kakashi meant completely. Kakashi saw Kiyoshi's smile and was stumped by something so he asked "How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Understand Naruto so quickly? It took me an A-class mission and a near-death experience to understand him, and I knew his deepest secret for that matter."

"We have somewhat same morals, whenever I do something, I put my soul into it. I don't do anything half-assed or just for sake of getting it done. If I don't have the soul for it, I put it aside until I do. But one thing that's opposite in our morals is the fact that he looks for fights."

"Alright, I've heard enough. As for who's stalking Naruto, I think being the sharp smartass you are, you'll figure it out soon enough."

"Fine. Now show me around town. What's that over there?"

"That’s a house"


Several hours had passed and Kiyoshi was getting back to his place because it was getting late. He only got through half the things he wanted to do, and only seen one quarter of the Village. As he was nearing the house he saw the bed in his front lawn that he tossed out through his window earlier. "Aw man, I got to get this back to Tsunade tomorrow." he thought to himself. Walked into his house to find out that it's being trashed by Ino. He saw Sakura trying to catch up to stop her, but was miserably failing. He caught Sakura by the arm, "What's going on?"

"I'm so sorry about this, I tried to change her mind about you and accidentally made her worse."

"Now she's actually insane, what did you do? Torture her?"

"Heh..." Sakura smiled and rubbed the back of her head.

Kiyoshi looked at her slightly disturbed and thought to himself "what a scary girl, I can't believe Naruto likes her."

"So what do we do? Wait until she tires herself out?"

"I got a better idea, get out of my house and let me handle this." He pushed Sakura out and closed the door. He walked up to Ino who was excessively hyper and very Kiyoshi-crazed, she still didn't notice him and was jumping all over the place looking for his personal stuff. "Hey Ino!" Without turning to see him, the blonde girl jumped on him and tightened her grip around his waist. He picked her up in a classic bride-carrying scene, and smiled.

Her eyes started sparkling and she screamed out, "Oh Kiyoshi! You player!!!"

He started carrying her and said, "Yeah, I do that sometimes." to which she started to make kissy-lips at him. At that point, he opened the door and tossed her out. "You know..." he said "I don't like it when people come into my house uninvited." he closed the door and locked it.

Sakura stared at the door freaked out by how calmly he took that situation. "Oh well, let's go home Ino..." she looked at Ino who was sleeping on the porch of Kiyoshi's house, and thought to herself "damn, I’ll have to carry her home now."

With that, Kiyoshi made himself some Garlic-Shrimp, ate it, and put himself to sleep trying to remember his past.
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