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Re: The Genius FC

Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
The situations are a little different, don't you think? Naruto used the easy way of training and advancing, by training with clones. What good would the Sharingan be, other than draining his chakra, to train with for trying to LEARN, not copy, but learn something like the Chidori?

Didn't Naruto learn Kage Buunshin No Justu at what age, 12 or something right? Well for a Genin to learn a Jounin Jutsu at his age is uncomprehendable! Especially since Naruto, being Naruto, who couldn't even do a SINGLE Shadow Clone beforehand, and Naruto mastered it all by HIMSELF, he had no one there to ask for help. And he mastered it in only a matter of minutes/hours!


EDIT-And everyone seems to think of a Genius in the Narutoverse, being someone who excells without try. Well those people had it easy, they were "taught" from the beginning, and each have bloodline limits for the most parts. Naruto didn't have any of those luxuries. He learned it all from scratch, and I think for a person do do that is definetly a Genius. Ontop of that, look at the Zabuza arc. Think about how they were able to win, once Kakashi got captured, it was OVER for them. Naruto came up with a Genius plan in matter of seconds! And he's done that on numerous occasions, too! My definition of a Genius is some who can make something out of nothing. If you think Shikamaru is a Genius, because he can come up with an answer to almost any situation, well look at Naruto, he ALWAYS comes up with a solution to many very dangerous, and troublesome situation. Always ending up on top :P

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