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Re: The Genius FC

Originally Posted by kidmac1 View Post
1.First of all it took Sasuke two weeks(with the help of the Sharingan breaking down everything so he could learn easier) to change his chakra to lightening. If you would have paid attention to what I said you would have realized that I said his clones INDIVIDUALLY learned how to use his element in a few hours. That was before he even dispelled them. Then he took a little nap and then started on the waterfall. Then they went to bed then Naruto got up and split the water fall, therefore mastering his element enough that he would be able to use it in combat. Sasuke is a 2.genius with a sharingan that can learn things fast as hell. Naruto a really 2.talented ninja with shadow clones can penitentially learn faster then Sasuke. So you can't outright say that Naruto is a genius but when he learns with his clones he is technically 3.on par with other geniuses. Just like in the Naruto world all sharingan users are considered elite/genius(never fight them alone) ninja.
1.say, how does that work? Sharingan breaking down what? explain it

2.yeah, Genius and talented are WAY different

3."on par" he's just on par, not a genius
Originally Posted by kidmac1 View Post
- 4.he defeated Kiba with a fart = no he didn't he just messed up his senses. If I remember right Naruto got the best of him at the end of that fight.

- 5.he defeated Neji with Kyuubi = hmm that was fair because Kyuubi is basicly Naruto's Blood line limit, which Neji has also. It's like saying it's not fair for Sauske to use has sharingan its part of him.

- 6.he defeated Gaara because of the Kyuubi = No he didn't that was all him blue Chakra blue eyes.

- 7.he fought evenly with Sasuke because of the Kyuubi = No what you should have said was Sasuke fought evenly with Naruto because of the CS. The beginning of the fight didn't count because Naruto couldn't fight Sasuke seriously. At that point take away the CS and lets see how well Sasuke would have done.

- 8.he drove Orochimaru away because of the Kyuubi = Right but then again that is like his BLOOD LINE LIMIT.
4. all he did was imitate Sasuke's lion combo after he practically ruined Kiba's smelling, cheap shot much?

5. a bijuu isn't comparable to a bloodline ability, a bijuu gives you near limitless chakra, which is unfair

6. nope, he used the fox's chakra to summon Gamabunta which pretty much helped him out a lot and saved his life

7. take away the kyuubi and let's see how he would have done(he'd be dead)

8. again, bijuus are not comparable to bloodline abilities and btw, Oro doesn't have a bloodline ability which is actually unfair for Oro
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