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Chapter 243 Thread

Raw is out and IT"S A MUST SEE CHAPTER> Here's a scanlation from narutoforums.

Page 1: Title: Present
Sidebar: The world before my eyes is one of despair, but the world I feel at my back is one of hope. The unforgettable lives of boys on the battlefield.

Page 2: Dillema! Obito's awakening!
Kakashi: Obito, those eyes...
Obito: Yeah...looks like this is Sharingan. I can see the movement and flow of chakra with my eyes.

Kakashi: Guh!
Obito: Kakashi! Are you all right?
Kakashi: Yeah...looks like my left eye's shot.

Page 3:
Kakashi: I'll use Rin's medical pack and apply some first-aid. Now let's go save her!
Obito: Yes sir!

Ugly stone-nin: You're more stubborn than I thought...

Page 4:
Ugly stone-nin: Man, you're all such slobs.

Page 5:
Obito: Sharingan!

Obito: The flow of Rin's chakra is pretty unstable. It's different from ours.
Kakashi: She's probably trapped in some kind of Genjutsu. He must be trying to extract information from her.

Ugly stone-nin: Hmph. I see you two aren't just ordinary kids.

Kakashi: We already took down one, but be careful. Use your fastest moves!
Obito: Roger!

Page 6: (Wheeee!)

Page 7:
Ugly stone-nin: Die!

Page 8: (Sweeet.)

Page 9:
Kakashi: Release!
Rin: Kakashi...Obito...
Obito: We came to save you, Rin! It's ok now!
Kakashi: Ok, quickly, let's get out of here!

Ugly Stone-nin: I see...that was a nice combination. But in the end, you're still just kids. You've played right into my hands.

Page 10:
Ugly stone-nin! Doton! Iwayado kuzushi! (Earth element! Cave-in crusher!)

Kakashi: This is bad!

Kakashi: Make a break for the exit!

Page 11:
Kakashi: Kuh...The blind spot on my left...
Rin: Kakashi!
Obito: Ugh!

Page 12:
Ugly stone-nin: What a troublesome bunch of informants. Oh well, I had no choice...
Obito: You ok...? Kakashi...Rin...?

Page 13:

Kakashi: Shit!
Obito: Kakashi...enough...
It looks like this is it for me...
My right side's crushed...I can't feel anything...

Page 14:
Rin: This...can't be...why...
Obito: Ghack!
Rin: Obito!
Kakashi: God damnit!

Kakashi: I...if I had just come with you from the start, like you said...This wouldn't have happened!

Page 15:
Kakashi: I'm no captain! I'm no Jounin!
Obito: Heh...oh yeah..I forgot...

Obito: I was the only one...who didn't give you a present for being promoted...

Obito: I couldn't think of anything to get you...I think I have an idea now...

Obito: You can's not something worthless...or excess baggage...

Page 16:
Obito: I'll...give you my Sharingan.

Obito: The matter what they're an excellent jounin...

Obito: That's how I feel...please take it...

Page 17:
Obito: Rin, you're a medic ninja...Please, take my left eye and transplant it to Kakashi...
Rin: Kakashi, come here! I need to start this right away!
Obito: I'm already dying...
But I'll become your eye...
And you'll be able to see...

Page 18: (SFX: Kaboom)
Text: To change despair into hope...!

(whoops! I missed) Page 19:
Ugly stone-nin: Geez, you're stubborn. Still alive, eh?

Ugly stone-nin: Ha, you're just a punk kid after all...A true shinobi doesn't cry. Come, crybaby! I'll beat the crap out of you.

Text: At the end of their boyhood days, the two become one.


nice chapter my question is how the heck does kakashi get the thired dot now, hmmmm

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