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Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Well, I don't know if that's Mikey's intention... but a bloodline limit does not make a genius.

Tsunade is on the list because she's THE medical ninja, the fifth Hokage, and she can never die in battle. Besides that, she's a woman.

And I don't know if Haku would be stronger than Tsunade if he were still alive, but I can definitely imagine him around Naruto and Sasuke's level.
No he would exceed kakashi and tsunade think about it he already had 2 elements down at only 12 years old sasuke does not even have 2 nor does naruto plus haku with those two combined was able to control and make hyuuton something that only is in his blood line his speed cannot be tracked by the human eye and he would only become faster his sushinn jutsu was a bit slower than sasuke's so on the contrary he would be stronger than tsunade,naruto,kakashi,he would rival sasuke if not surpass him.
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