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What do you think of incest? Can you see why family members would fall in love with each other, or do you just dismiss it as wrong? What about step brothers and step sisters, strictly speaking not incest, but do you think that is wrong aswell?

I really don't see how someone would be sexually attracted to a member of their family, you look at your family in a different way than to how you look at anyone else, the fact I only have 2 brothers I'm not going to be attracted to one of them so it's easy for me to say, but I just can't see why you would think of family members like that, it just doesn't seem right to me.

Step brothers and step sisters is a weird one for me, if they met before the parents met and would be going out with each other, I always wondered what they would do if the parents got married, strictly speaking, would the parents be in the wrong? After all, the children did meet before hand and therefore it's not really the childrens fault, however I still couldn't see why anyone would be attracted to a step sister.

It's easy for me to say in the situation where I don't have to worry about these sort of things, would be interesting to see if we have anyone of the forum who has (and more importantly if they would want to say about it.)

So what are your views on the situation and why do you think that?

No stupid or childish remarks please, if you reply.. please make sure it is constructive.
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