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Re: Star Ocean 3 fanfic: Anywhere But Home

Chapter 3 The Multi-verse Battle Tournament
*Ciltz's Inn*

"...So this inn is also a bar?" Fayt asked.

"Uh-huh." Tenshi replied getting a sip of her drink.

Albel, Fayt, and Tenshi were at the inn. Fayt and Tenshi was away from the bar section, while Albel was away from both of them, sitting at the bar.

"So where are you and Albel from?" Tenshi asked.

Fayt swallowed his food. "Um, we're from a very distant land-"

"On the planet of Elicoor II?" Tenshi asked.

"How'd you know?"

"On Vassa, everyone knows something." Tenshi replied.

Right after Tenshi said that, both her and Fayt decided to finish their meals. Albel, still at the bar section, was getting attention from a pretty blond-haired
girl. Fayt and Tenshi saw it and began snickering.

"Oh, come on Albel, take me shopping." the girl pleaded pulling Albel's arm.

"Not on your life, fool! Now get away from me!" Albel exclaimed. The girl left and went to another table to try again. Tenshi saw the whole thing then stared at Fayt.

"Was he always like that?" she asked.

Fayt just shrugged.

Finally Albel came over to Tenshi's table and sat with them. For at least 2 seconds, both Fayt and Tenshi looked at him then continued with their dinner.
Albel scowled at both of them then looked away.

"Oh, before I forget, you guys should sign up for Vassa's annual Multi-verse
Battle Tournament." Tenshi said.

That seemed to catch Albel's attention cause he quickly looked up at Tenshi.

"Multi-verse Battle Tournament?" Fayt asked.

"Yep. People from different universes and planets come here to Vassa to enter
the tournament. I hear that once every 10 years a Valkyrie from Valhalla enters the tournament as well, and this year is that year!" Tenshi said.

"Heh, Valkyrie or not, all those worms are going down!" Albel exclaimed slamming his claw against the table, excited.

Fayt sighed and Tenshi just shook her head. "Well, the sign up sheet for the tournament is upstairs in the rooms or at the arena itself. Go sign up." Tenshi

Albel and Fayt quickly got up out of their chairs, but Tenshi stopped them.

"Hold on! You 2 should sign up as a team. If you want any chances of getting
to face the Valkyrie, fighting as a team is your only hope." she warned.

Fayt nodded and both Albel and himself left to go sign up.

*At the arena*

"There, we're all signed up." Fayt said putting the pen down.

"Let's go already!" Albel ordered getting impatient.

Fayt turned around and gave Albel a confused expression. "Go where?"

Albel sighed. "To go train! If what Tenshi said was true, we need to train big time if we have any chances of facing that Valkyrie! And since we have 3 days before the tournament, we need to take advantage of that and use that
time to practice and get stronger!"

"Oh..." Fayt said as he and Albel went back to the forest to train.

Standing on top of arena was Tenshi, watching Fayt and Albel go out of the city to train. She smiled calmly. "You 2 have a long road ahead."

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