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Re: Star Ocean 3 fanfic: Anywhere But Home

Chapter 7 The Assassin of Planet Roak

As Fayt woke up to another peaceful morning in Ciltz, he knew from the start that nothing was going to be same. He went to Albel's room to see if Albel was still sleeping like he normally does, but when he opened the door he saw the bed like it was yesterday, a complete mess. He sadly closed the door and went downstairs, completely forgetting to change out of his pj's. As he started down the steps, Tenshi caught him.

"Fayt?" she asked.

Fayt turned around and stared at Tenshi. Then he looked away. "Last night wasn't a dream, was it?"

Tenshi placed a hand on Fayt's shoulder and looked at him sadly.

"I'm afraid not. I sensed the monster's presence and rushed to help, but I was
a step too late to save Albel. I'm sorry." she apologized.

"It's not your fault. It's mine. I could've saved him.... but my body wasn't responding, and so I let him die.... Now I just wanna be alone." Fayt said going back to his room to change. As he closed the door, Tenshi just stood still.


After Fayt got changed into some loose clothing, he went to cliff that overlooked an ocean and sat on it. The ocean breeze caught his hair and made him feel a little relaxed. Minutes turned into hours as Fayt remained on that cliff, regretting everything he had done his whole life. But upon leaving the cliff, he was stopped by a female.

"Hold on Fayt Leingod!" the girl ordered.

Fayt stopped in his tracks and lifted his head to take a look at the girl. She had long black hair, which was up in a loose ponytail, wearing assassin looking cloths. She also had 2 short katanas placed at both of her hips. Her most distinctive feature was her eyes. They looked exactly like a fox's.

"You are the one known as Fayt Leingod, correct?" the girl asked.

"Yeah. Who're you?" Fayt answered.

The girl suddenly vanished, and Fayt didn't even see her move. Without knowing it, the girl was behind him.

"I'm Kitsune, Judgement Assassin of the planet Roak. I'm came here due to request from a friend of mine." Kitsune replied.

Fayt quickly turned around and gasped. "Request from a friend?"

"Mmm-hmm. You know Tenshi right? She's my buddy from Roak." Kitsune said.

Fayt went into a thought posture then shook his head. "What did Tenshi request?"

Kitsune sat on a nearby tree branch and drew one of her katanas. She began cleaning it off with a cloth she pulled from a pocket on her side.

"Are you gonna answer my question or not?"

"Yeah, yeah. Tenshi told me about what happened recently and I feel sorry for you, losing someone you cared about. Tenshi requested me to help you in the tournament today since you signed up for team battles."

Fayt's eyes shrunk and he started pacing around. "Crap, I forgot the tournament's today!"

Kitsune flipped off the branch and stretched.

"Don't worry, the tournament doesn't start until noon. We've got 4 hours to blow off doing whatever we want. I recommend you stock up on items and new weapons, plus some new armor.,” she warned.

Fayt nodded and both Tenshi and himself went back to Ciltz. As they entered,
Tenshi greeted them.

"Ah, I see you've meet Kitsune, Fayt. A lively girl, isn't she?" Tenshi asked smiling.

Fayt glared at her. "Why didn't you tell me I was getting a new partner?"

"Um, well, it's kinda complicated...."

"Hey, hey, hey, no need to get all gloomy and angry here. Let's go to the inn and discuss this." Kitsune suggested.

When all 3 got to the inn, Kitsune sighed heavily.

"Tenshi.... why the hell didn't you tell me the normal route to get here was occupied by a battle against Federation ships and Quark!?" she asked getting a little pissed.

Tenshi rubbed the back of her head and smiled. When Fayt heard "Federation"
and "Quark" he slammed the table as he stood up.

"What do mean the Federation and Quark are at battle!? I thought they were at peace when my gang and myself went to meet the star commander of the Federation!?!?" Fayt exclaimed.

Tenshi and Kitsune looked at Fayt, then Kitsune leaned back on her chair.

"You didn't know? When Commodore Wittcomb was killed by the Executioners, the Federation acted on their own accord and attacked some Quark ships. Then all hell broke loose..." she said.

"Planet's were brought into the mess, and so war broke out throughout the galaxy yet again, and since the Executioners are gone, we no longer have to worry about anything being gone." Tenshi added.

"But we don't know if Vendeen Empire or the Aldian Empire will interfere, and that sure worries us." Kitsune said.

Fayt was left in shock, for Maria Traydor, one of his closest friends, was the leading member of Quark, and he didn't know if she was caught in the mess or not. Kitsune ate her ramen and saw Fayt's expression.

"Don't worry Fayt, although the Federation surpasses Quark in numbers and strength, Quark is getting help from people in the Klaus system and from
Elicoor II." she said.

"Elicoor II? Why would they help Quark?" Fayt asked.

Tenshi didn't know so she shook her head. Realizing Kitsune must've known, both her and Fayt stared at her. Kitsune sighed again.

"Did you forget Fayt? Quark was the one who helped Elicoor II from the Vendeeni and Executioners, so they're paying back Quark." she explained.

Fayt sighed in relief and sat back down. Finally eating his sandwich, Tenshi left Fayt and Kitsune to go prepare for the tournament that was 2 1/2 hours away. Kitsune finished her ramen and told Fayt to hurry up with his food, and
Fayt obeyed.

"Where are we going?" Fayt asked as he was being dragged around.

"To stock up on items of course. The tournament's not long from now..... so let's buy things and practice a little." Kitsune suggested.

Fayt gulped and continued to be dragged around, beginning to freak out about the tournament.

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