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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

Yeah! Welcome to our FC Kanariya and Umino_Iruka!!
Thanks for the lovely gift Kanariya! Sakura looks so cool!
Hope you 2 havae fun here! and don't be afraid to talk or ask any questions!
Anyways for our contest is goint to be a fanfiction and avatar contest!
You can choose to make 5 avatars! or write a fanfiction!
It doesn't matter how big the avatar! And it doesn't matter how long the fanfiction is!
You can start working on your avatar or fanfiction now!
The deadline for everything to be finish is August 15th! Thats about 20 days, I think that should be enough time for everyone right?? Once it is August 15th you have to PM me with your avatar/fanficition or you can post it up at this FC! Anyways thats about it, if you have any questions please ask me!
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