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Re: THE Uchiha Madara thread

I think this is a mere Fact...

Remember Obito Uchiha from the Team Yondaime...
where Kakashi is one of the Member

In Episode 364 the last picture was Tobi's Face with the sharingan in the Right...

Tobi's name is derived from Obito's name

Obito = Tobi

and remember that three Mangekyo user can only activate and revive the power of Madara Uchiha...

When the war on the time of yondaime, Obito's whereabouts was unknown. yes kakashi saw Obito covered with stones, but the fact is did he saw him die?did kakashi seen he's dead body...the answer is one have seen obito's dead body...the question is,where is he's body...

Akatsuki's goal is to make a Nation which is Shinobi controlling the war,that is the line that Obito said to kakashi before the war starts..hmmm. interesting isnt it?

also in episode 364, Tobi congratulates Sasuke for the great use of his sharingan, and another fact, Sasuke didnt use a mangekyo during their battle with Deidara, Tobi did, the only thing that sasuke use,is he summoned Manda, the great snake...Tobi,teleported himself and Manda w/ sasuke in it in a different coordinates during Deidara's explosion...(this is just a hypothesis)

and one thing, Tobi only got 1 sharingan because the other sharingan he has, is with Kakashi...

See, this make sense, Tobi got the Right side of the Sharingan and Kakashi got the Left side of the Sharingan,

The question is, where did Kakashi get he's sharingan,the answer is on Obito's Left Eye...their other member operates the eye of Kakashi with Obito's left eye, when Obito is half buried on the rocks,Obito gave his Left Eye sharingan to Kakashi's Dead left eye because of an attack.after that, Obito was completely buried,and yet when the war ends, they didnt find Obito's Body.

The leader of Akatsuki is Tobi, not the hallucination Man..hehehe... he ordered the hallucination man to capture naruto...

the main reason why Akatsuki needs all the Bijuu was to achieve the maximum chakra to revive Madara Uchiha...

and this one's exciting...the Last Battle will be the Battle of bestfriends...not Naruto and Sasuke....but

Tobi ( Obito Uchiha ) and Kakashi

The Right Sharingan and The Left Sharingan
the battle of mangekyos

Obito' Mangekyo and Kakashi's Mangekyo

the other battles would be

Sasuke and Itachi

Naruto and Hallucination Man

Sakura and The Girl with the flower on its hair..heheh

that would be my predictions..and hope this would not spoil you!!hehehehe

E-mail or PM me if there's any suggestions or comments...

Have a Nice Day!!
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