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Re: Orochimaru, better (not stronger) shinobi than Itachi?

Originally Posted by Kakkakuzu View Post
Yes, it does.

It would've made the fight longer at least. Could've made it seem less unfair.

But he said that Jiraya was too strong for them.
I remember him saying the same thing regarding Jiraiya.

As for my theory, I think that Orochimaru, had he been trying to kill Itachi would have suceeded. But, I don't think he would have done it through open one-on-one combat. I think he would have assembled a squad, specially designed to counter Itachi's Sharingan. That said, it is really hard to say, we have not really seen too many of Itachi's abilities. I am sure he has many more than the one's we have seen and one of them could sway my thinking. However, Orochimaru was a Genius and I think not only a Genius as far as Ninjitsu us concerned but also a Genius in strategizing.


Sharingan will regain its true power... as will I, Uchiha Madara*!

As for whether or not the character speaking is Uchiha Madara, as to this, there is no doubt. This part, このうちはマダラの力, has been construed by some to mean "this power, the power of Uchiha Madara." They're reading it like this: この うちはマダラの力。The way they should be reading it is like this: このうちはマダラの 力。When この precedes the name of a person (in this case, Uchiha Madara), the person referenced is the speaker himself. It's a way for the speaker to indicate that he or she is a real big deal (in his or her mind, anyway). And no, it's not a "vague" sentence, or one which could be read both ways: the way we're indicating here is the only way to interpret the sentence, at least as far as whether the speaker is Uchiha Madara or not. Whether Madara is possessing someone else's body or if Tobi's just a robot through which his voice comes out,is another matter altogether."
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