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Re: The Troublemakers FC

I'm with kimimaro, I wanna join too.

there are several things I love doing
-marching though the downtown with "Bites" resting on my shoulder
-running up to random people in school and punching them in the face
-ruining people's self-esteem (oooh big man...)
-I tend to avoid fighting, bucause people get SERIOUSLY hurt, but friendly scraps are enough to piss off the staff.
-throwing apples, tomatoes, or generally anything in hand at the teachers that I dislike.

I also pull prank calls every now and then, they're fun and harmless. (unless they're charged with long distance)

I don't really care about co-ownership, (i'm assuming kimimaro will get another person and he'll be one. the other spot is probably reserved for a friend of your's). But I would like to have permission to welcome people into this fc when you're not around (assuming you accept me as a member).

p.s. 'Bites' is the name of my shotgun.

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