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My One and Only Cherry Blossom- A Naruto Fanfic

Sasuke is a little OOC, but it still has people on in tears.

It's in Sasuke's POV. Hope you like it.

My One and Only Cherry Blossom

I stare into those emerald eyes for what I know will be the last time. Her once beautiful hair that only goes down to her chin like she cut it years ago is now sticky from a wound to her head. She is covered in red blood. Her blood.

“Sas-” she tries to say.

“Shh, don’t speak,” I tell her, “You’ll hurt yourself.”

“Sasu-ke-kun…Don’t leave me…”

“I’ll be by your side, I promise…”

‘How could I let this happen?’ he thought ‘Who was with her?’

“Sakura…I don’t want us to separate either…”

“Then we won’t. I promise I’ll be with you…”

“No, it won’t be the same…”

“I’ll be with you every step of the rest of your life. I’ll be the breeze that cools you down in the summer heat, I’ll be the leaves that turn to red in autumn, I’ll be the snow that falls during the winter, and I’ll be the cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring.”

“But, Sakura, I want you to be physically here with me. I want to hold you every day ”

“But we both know that won’t happen now, don’t we?” she coughs.


“Sasuke, when you finally defeat your brother, return to Konoha. Naruto…Kakashi-sensei…They miss you so much. Rebuild your clan. Live a happy live.”

“It won’t be the same without you,” I choke.

“I told you, I will never be without you…”

“But Sakura, I care about you too much for you to die right here!”

“I’d heal myself, but I have no chakra left.”

“I’ll lend you some of mine!”

“No, Sasuke, that’s alright. I was meant to die here.”

My eyes become clouded with tears. “Sakura, smile for me, one last time.”

I feel pain in my chest as her mouth forms a smile. Happy that I’ll be able to see that adorable smile I’ve always remembered. Yet, I feel grief and sorrow, for I know it will be the last time she smiles.



“I-I love you…” and with that, her last breath escapes her lips.

Warm tears slide down my cheeks. “SAKURA!” I cry as I clutch her tight to me, never wanting to let go.

Karin tries to walk to me and console me. “GET AWAY!” I scream. She timidly walks back to Suigetsu’s side. Not even Juugo is mumbling a word.

No one should have to die from the Akatsuki, from my older brother none-the-less. Especially not on their birthday.

March 29. Sakura’s 18th birthday is today.

I press my lips to hers for the first and last time. “I love you, Sakura,” I whisper, hoping somewhere her spirit hears me. I will avenge her death, just as I will avenge my clan’s death.

I pick her up bridal style and fly through the trees without saying anything to the others.

“Hey, wait!” says Suigetsu. The three others follow me.

I stop at the only place suitable for burying her. A grove of sakura trees. The three catch up to me and stare at the sight.

The trees blow in the wind and cherry blossoms fall onto Sakura. “This is where I will leave you, my Cherry Blossom.”

Yes, my one and only Cherry Blossom.
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