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The Blackbeard Pirates FC

Welcome to the Blackbeard Pirates FC!
Part in the Story
The first time the crew is mentioned is by Dalton. They are said to have ransacked the kingdom of Drum, and upon seeing their immense power, king Wapol, fled without even fighting back. In Alabasta, when the Straw Hats meet up with Portgas D. Ace, it is revealed that Ace is hunting him down for what he did to his crewmates.

The crew marks its first visual appearance in Jaya, where they are playing "games" of fate, such as handing out explosive apples to shooting birds to see which ones die quickly. When Luffy meets Blackbeard himself in a bar, they at first seem to have the exact opposite opinions. While Luffy hates the bar's pie, Blackbeard loves it, and while Luffy loves one of the bar's drinks, Blackbeard hates it, which leads to them challenging each other to a fight, but they decide not to go through with it when Nami points out that they are fighting for no reason. Later on, after the Bellamy Pirates taunt them for believing in Sky Island, Blackbeard assures the Straw Hats that it does exist and in response to the notion of the "New Age", states that people will never stop dreaming. Because of this, it is not yet known whether Blackbeard is truly evil or just misguided. When Blackbeard finds out about Luffy's high bounty, he and his crew try to capture him, but the Straw Hats are launched into the sky by Knock-Up Stream before they can make an attempt.

Recently the entire Blackbeard crew, including Laffite, have finally encountered Ace. Ace defeats them easily, but Teach reveals his devil fruit. Ace and Blackbeard both battle, and Blackbeard clearly has the upper hand, but the fates of both pirates are unknown after two of their powerful attacks collide at the end of the battle. Ace's hat lying on the ground at the end of the battle is said to be a likely signification that Blackbeard had won the battle.

According to Van Auger, they are also not too far from Enies Lobby. It is still unknown at this time if they will still continue to pursue Luffy, though it's quite possible considering Blackbeard's hidden agenda that Shanks and Whitebeard discussed. Currently, Blackbeard is attempting to become, or is, more powerful than even Whitebeard.

The Captain

Blackbeard is captain of the "Blackbeard pirates". Along with Van Auger (a sniper), Jesus Burgess (a fighter, and Helmsman), Doc Q aka "Grim Reaper" (a doctor), and Lafitte (a former policeman from West Blue). His real name is Marshall D. Teach.

Every member of his crew believes heavily on the ideas of fate and destiny. From handing out exploding apples to other pirates to see who among them is fated to live, and shooting seagulls to find out which one will be destined to die a painful or quick death.

Known History
Blackbeard was formerly a member of the Whitebeard Pirates second division led by Portgas D. Ace. Shanks also warned Whitebeard that Blackbeard was becoming stronger than him and had only joined his crew to stay hidden behind the massive shadow of the Whitebeard name, until he became strong enough to make his move. This time came when Blackbeard murdered a member of the Whitebeard Pirates to obtain a certain Devil Fruit, thus prompting his departure from the crew, and Ace's hunt for him. Blackbeard was also the one who gave Shanks the scars around his eye, a long time ago. Shanks also tells Whitebeard to call back Ace on his hunt for Blackbeard, as he was concerned about the timing of a confrontation between Ace and Blackbeard.

After leaving Whitebeard's crew, his pirate crew pillaged (And, ironically, liberated) the Drum Kingdom, leaving its king, Wapol, to flee.

Powers and Abilities
Blackbeard has proven to be an extremely strong pirate. He possesses incredible natural strength, evident of his massive build, and similar endurance as he shrugged off one of Ace's attacks. When he gave Red-Haired Shanks the scars on his left eye, he had not eaten a devil fruit at the time, indicating even his basic strength is impressive enough without the aid of his powerful Devil Fruit.

Blackbeard has eaten the Devil Fruit Yami Yami No Mi (Dark Dark Fruit). With it, he can become and control darkness, and also manipulate gravity by creating and spreading a black substance. Teach demonstrates that the "darkness" is a gravity or void which devours anything, able to pull in (much in the manner of a black hole) and crush the surrounding town into a pile of wood. Thanks to the Yami Yami No Mi, Blackbeard's powers were strong enough to expand the black substance in which he controls gravity, to surround half of the island of Banaro and hold back Ace's giant fireball that covered the other half of the island. Blackbeard also showed the ability of creating a vortex with the same properties as a gravitational pull. Due to the Yami Yami no Mi's gravitational ability, Blackbeard, unlike every other Logia user, cannot let attacks simply pass through him, meaning he takes damage like any human would, and perhaps even suffering more than others would. However, Blackbeard states that the risk this presents is well worth the advantages the fruit bestows upon him.

The second, and most frightening power of the fruit is to nullify other Devil Fruit abilities through physical contact, allowing Teach to physically hit Ace. Teach states that this is because the Yami Yami no Mi truly holds the power of the devil

The Crew
Jesus Burgess

Jesus Burgess (ジーザス・バージェス, Jīzasu Bājesu), nicknamed "The Champion", claims himself a champion because he stands on top of buildings and challenges random people to fights. He appears to be based off of Mexican wrestlers, as both his name and face mask are Spanish in origin. He is extremely strong, enough to shrug off Ace Hiken (Firefist) blast and to fight Ace by throwing a building on him. He has also shown to be quite level-minded and serious, as he berated Blackbeard for his easy-going attitude after the crew's failure to capture Luffy, ironically similar to Zoro.

His name is perhaps based on that of real life pirate, Samuel Burgess. In the English version of One Piece: Pirates' Carnival, he has been named G. Zass Burgess. He is also akin to the strongman Albrecht from the 1988 film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, as Burgess was able to pick up a large building without any diffuculty, and Albrecht was able to lift all the treasure within the Grand Turk's treasury as well as hurl three ships into an army miles away.

Van Auger

Auger (ヴァン・オーガー, Van Ōgā), nicknamed "The Supersonic", is first seen in the Jaya arc shooting down seagulls from a distance so far that the Straw Hat Pirates, who were watching, couldn't even see the island he was on. When fighting Ace, he moved and shot extremely fast. Van Auger appears calm and analytic even during battle. Auger comes from Auge, the German word for eye, and can also derive from the real life pirate, John Auger.

In the English version of One Piece: Pirates' Carnival, Van Auger has been named Van Ogre. He is similar to the gunman Adolphus from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, given his style of clothing and the incredible distance he was able to shoot a flock of seagulls from.

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