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Re: Dark Plague

A few days had passed at Konoha. All the ninja's were healed up, or on their way there. Though, what Kakashi went through from Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan attack had some lasting effects, so he isn't completely healed yet. Naruto stood on top of the old hospital roof top, where he first fought Sasuke.

"This is the second time." Naruto said, looking a bit down.

"We were close, but we can't give up." Sakura said, who stood next to him, looking across Konoha.

"I know. But...." Naruto said, as he sat at the edge of the roof top. "I failed again." He said.

"Naruto...." Sakura said softly, as she leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. "We'll bring him back. This is my promise also!" She said with a ^_^ face, even though she also felt a little down about how they missed their needed opportunity.

Mean while, we switch to a scene within the hospital. Kakashi sat in his bed, still remembering the pain he went through from Sasuke's attack.

"I can't counter or copy that." Kakashi said.

"There are still ways to fight someone like him, Kakashi." Gai said, as he stood next to Kakashi's bed.

"I know. But we aren't talking about a normal Sharingan attack. I have to avoid that attack from Sasuke at all costs next time. He could have killed me had he wanted to." Kakashi said, looking down, with a sweat drop rolling down his face.

"It certainly took more of a toll on you than what Itachi did." Gai said.

"How do you remember that, but you didn't remember who Kisame was during your last fight with him?" Kakashi asked, curiously.

"........" He stood quiet as a sweat drop rolled down Gai's face also. (MY RIVALS COME BACKS ARE TOO POWERFUL!)

"His power is disturbing now. He even killed that Maikeru person." Kakashi said.

"It's expected, is it not?" Gai asked.

"I suppose. He is an Uchiha genius, after all. Being trained by a legendary Sannin." Kakashi said. "Either way, he may not be ready for Itachi." Kakashi said.

Back at one of Akatsuki's lairs, we see Itachi, Kisame, Pein, the blue haired girl, Zetsu, and two mysterious figures talking.

"Zetsu, serve us as the look out." Pein said.

"Yes." Zetsu said, as he vanished.

"Yes, those Konoha rodents are quite sneaky, aren't they?" Kisame said.

"He won't be pleased. But, I won't mention this just yet." Mysterious figure #1 told Pein.

"Failure won't happen again. Will it, Itachi?" Pein said, looking at Itachi.

"Correct. However..." Itachi said, as he was cut off.

"...and you will do what is necessary to bring the Jinchuuriki." Pein demanded.

"....." Itachi and Kisame thought.

"This is your last chance, you two." Mysterious figure #2 said.

"We won't need anymore chances after this. We'll bring the brat in for sure." Kisame said confidently.

"You'd better. Because if you don't, we will deliver your heads to him ourselves." Mysterious figure #1 said, threateningly.

"Don't threaten me." Itachi said, with a slightly angry look on his face.

"We're your superiors. We'll do and say what we want. If you dislike that, you can fight us right now. However, you will lose." Mysterious figure #2 said.

"That's enough! We're not here to fight amongst ourselves." Pein said.

"Get this done. We've been patient enough, and we've already finished our part long ago." Mysterious person #1 said.

"We're not incompetent. We know what must be done!" Pein said, a bit irritated.

"You're a terrible leader. Five members have been dealt with in this Akatsuki branch. What a loss." Mysterious person #2 said.

"I tire of this. You two can leave now." Pein said, as he turned around to leave some where.

"Don't be so smug, Pein. You should be grateful we've been so patient with you and this lowly branch." Mysterious person #1 said, as he too turned to leave.

Suddenly, a large explosion hit the lair, and there was lots of smoke. The two figures leaped into the air quickly and attacked themselves to the lair walls via chakra. When the dust cleared, we saw Kisame's Samehada against the solid rock ground, which was broken apart. Kisame had a very serious look on his face.

"Why do we put up with this?" Kisame asked, very annoyed. "We're Akatsuki! We're S-Class shinobi! We shouldn't be cowering to them!" Kisame shouted.

"Oh, that is it." Mysterious person #1 said, as he lept to the ground and walked towards Kisame, who pulled up his Samehada and struck a defensive pose.

"Don't." Mysterious person #2 said, as the persons arm held the other person back.

"Get out of here then!" Kisame said, as Itachi backed him up, and Pein just stood there, tired of the bickering in general.

"You're an interesting guy...." Mysterious person #2 said, as she removed her Akatsuki hat...thing, and revealed a most beautiful face, with Hyuuga eyes. "You seem to be the one that is most riled up. I will put a temporary end to that." She said, as she dropped her Akatsuki hat, and literally vanished, then re-appeared at Kisame's side, and with virtually no effort, struck his ribs with two very precise taijutsu strikes. Kisame then hit the ground hard, holding his ribs tightly, because her strikes not only closed up some chakra holes, but also broke his ribs.

"G..AAAHHHH!!" Kisame yelled out, holding his stomach in pain.

"You will stop this. Now!" Pein stated, as he began forming a hand seal. However, that was quickly dealt with, as Mysterious person #1 appeared before Pein, looking down on Pein as if he were some scared child.

"And, what do you plan on doing with that?" Mysterious person #1 asked, as he slowly lifted his Akatsuki hat to reveal a dark, grey, almost purple skinned person. With yellow, piercing eyes that actually struck fear into Pein. He then smiled at Pein, revealing a set of very sharp looking teeth, including two very noticable long, sharp fangs.

"It's not feeding time, Kyuuketsuki." She said.

"Grr. You always ruin my fun." Kyuuketsuki said, as he backed away from Pein slowly, because he also knows what Pein is capable of. "We're done here? Let's go." He said.

"Yes." She said, as she looked down at Kisame, who looked back at her, hatefully. "I guess you'll be using someone as your partner, Itachi." She said, as she turned away to leave with Kyuuketsuki. Itachi said nothing in return.

"You didn't help him." Pein said.

"They would have killed me, easily. And my Mangekyou Sharingan won't work on, that thing." Itachi said.

Both Kyuuketsuki and the mysterious Hyuuga woman left the Akatsuki lair, walking slowly out of there, and through some forest areas.

"I dislike how they don't recognize us as their superiors." Kyuuketsuki said, as he placed his Akatsuki hat back on.

"That would be very unfortunete for them, if that were the case. I am beginning to see some descension." She said.

"I wonder what shark blood tastes like." Kyuuketsuki said with a grin on his face.

"He was too easy to take down...." She said, as they both walked by Tobi. They just glanced at one another.

"Eliza...Kyuuketsuki...." Tobi said, as he continued on.

"....Yeah, he was pretty easy." Kyuuketsuki said. Both ignoring Tobi.

Part 2 coming in a few...
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