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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Hidan v.s. Naruto, Nice fight selection!

If Hidan got ahold of Naruto's blood, and the Kyuubi's blood ever mixed with Naruto's blood at any time, then Hidan would hurt Naruto, AND Kyuubi at the same time(I'm just saying). Now if that happens, to matter how badly Hidan hits Naruto/Kyuubi's Vital points, the Kyuubi's would get so furious, that it would FORCE Naruto to an even greater Kyuubi release then we've seen so far! My opinion ont hat fight.

Now if Kyuubi's blood isn't mixed with Naruto's blood, then the fight will still end up with Naruto winning. Naruto learned right before Hidan/Kakuzu died, how to use his Buunshin's to the fullest. Naruto would JUST have to send them to attack Hidan, even if Hidan does his little sacrifice jutsu on Naruto's Buunshin's, it wouldn't harm Naruto's real body, because they are in fact ONLY clones. Naruto would just have to devise a strategy to distract Hidan while he sneaks up from behind and hits him with a RasenShuriken. And, I'm most certain Naruto will come up with a plan, because he's a Genius like that! ;} ( I mean seriously, Naruto out smarted Kakuzu, who has been alive since the 1st Hokage, Kakuzu was smart as fuck)

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