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Re: NaruHina FC

@wer94...welcome to the FC!
Two Rules:
1) Be active
2) Enjoy!

As Silencer posted yesterday, we will be reading DameWren's story "Two Halves"
(the link is in the first post)

@ forum, I was late reading Silencer's last post so I guess we'll start discussion on the first chapter of Two Halves tomorrow, I will post a summary of the first chapter shortly

Two Halves Summary (Chapter 1):

The chapter begins three years in the future. Naruto and Hinata are 16 and after three years away from Konoha to train, they will be returning in the morning. Their return to Konoha will enlighten them on just how much their friends and family have changed in their absence. But their friends will be in for a surprise as well...Naruto and Hinata's relationship.

As the story reverts back to the present timeline when Naruto is only 13, the reader is introduced to the story's first OC, Sora, who you learn is Tsunade's former student. Quite the aloof character, as well as a powerful kunoichi, Naruto and Hinata will be released into her care for the next three years. Naruto needs to stay under the radar as he gets stronger in order to face Akatsuki and Hinata needs to build up her self-confidence.

That's how their journey will begin.

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