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Re: Team Snake/Hebi FC!

Originally Posted by Sharingan Lord View Post
The newest spoilers indicate that Sasuke and Itachi meet. Ooh, fun! Although...something makes me think it's not quite Itachi yet.
I know i was wrong... It sucks really, i wanted to see what naruto would do or whatever. Everyone would probably picture what happens with just Sasuke and Itachi meeting up, but its more fun adding Naruto into the battle

Um, well the next chapter is called "Loss", so I really don't think they'll fight. Really, the fight Sasuke's been waiting for shouldn't be this short.

I wonder where the rest of the team is...?
Maybe "Loss" stands for the Loss of the Uchiha Clan. Probably itachi will go over the past and why he chose to kill the clan.
The rest of the team, u mean Hebi? if so, They're probably sipping tea and playing cards ^^
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