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Re: NaruHina FC

Originally Posted by silencer299 View Post
Furthermore, the way it's played out (as said in the last line) "Sora smiled brightly at the woman. “Hey, Obaachan. I’ll take the annoying one off your hands if you’ll let me have this one as well.” was the most interesting of all. I love how Sora (the OC), has no interest in the affair at all, and the only thing that got her into taking Naruto was the shy girl by his side.
That's one of my favorite parts too. I don't have a direct quote, but the part where Sora hears Naruto scream "Tsunade-obaachan" and Tsunade laughs reiterating just how much Naruto and Sora are alike. (foreshadowing for those who are new to the story)

But my favorite part of this arc in the story is, i believe, in the next chapter. I won't spoil it though.

I hope this isn't going to just be a Silencer and Roku deal, b/c that would be no fun. Is it that not enough members have found the new FC yet? That discussing a fanfiction isn't that interesting (b/c this is the only real NaruHina we have thus far)? Or maybe too many ppl have already read Two Halves and don't want to review? (if thats the case, maybe new stories would be appropriate although they really dont get any better than Two Halves)

In other news, as you have probably guessed, the latest chapter of the group fanfiction is not out...slight delay but I am working on it.

Til next post, Roku!

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