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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

oh man that sucks i wrote my FF but it sztuffed up or somethig... i wrot it on the 8th.....
oh well i'll write it again.....
warning this is a sasunaru FF...

sasu:... what is this...? this water trickling down my face? could it be? am i crying? but why?? i have finaly reached my goal... i finaly have the MS... but this is not the feeling that i had awaited... hurts as if someone was tortuing me... sticking a knife into every part of my body... a sudden feeling of everlasting lonleyness... it's like back then when... he killed them... Sasuke looked at his blood coverd hands Narutos blood...Kakashis words came flooding back

sasuke >>whats the meaning of this...??<<
kakashi>>if i didnt do this you'd run away... you aren't the typr to listen quietly while i preach...<<
kakashi>>sasuke... quit seeking this line of work...i've seen just how bad guys like you can get... in the end, those who tasted revenge... were not satisfied... it ended in tragedy... you'll only hurt and suffer mor... even if you are successful in you're revenge, all you'll be left with is emptyness...<<
sasuke>> what the hell do you know?! don't talk to me like you understand!<<
kakashi>>hey... calm down...<<
sasuke>>what if i were to... kill the one you love most?! how far would you stray from what you just said? i can make you feel real pain!<<
kakashi>>... that would work, however... unfortunatly, for me no such person exists. those people have already... been killed. i also lived in a long, hard era. i understand how terrible true pain and loss is. well! we aren't the lucky ones... that's for sure. but we aren't the worst off. <<
kakashi>>both you and i have found precious companions<<
kakashi>>you should know from your loss... chidori is a power given to you because you found things important fot you. that power is not something to be used against your friends or for revenge. you yourself should know what that power should be used for. think hard on wether you can or can not hold true to what i've said.<<
memory ends

i sank to my knees and looked around myself nearly everything was covered in booland Naruto lay a couple of meters infront of me... if it hadnt been for the blood youd think he was sleeping... even though he's... he had such a peaceful face... i have reached my goal but... at what price?? I got up and carried him to a tree and put him down in a sitting possition and sat down next to him buring my facein my hands. I sat there for hours without moving a single muscle as every memorie came flooding back... memories from when we first saw eachother at the park out test with kakashi sensei (the 3 bells and team work) out first class A mission (tazuna zabuza... haku) the chunnin exames (orochimaru kabuto the attack on konoha...gaara) up untill now... back then i had no real friends but now thanks to naruto i have so many... and every single one of them would risk their lives for me... the fact that i had any feelings at all and the the way i now amis thanks to naruto... naruto had this way of bringing out the best in me in every situation and how do i repay him?!?! with... with death?!?! what was i thinking..... what am i gonna tell sakura or anyone at all?? once again water trickeld down my face... i had started to rain... she told me more about his past and said that i should be nicer to him.... back then it hadnt intrested me but now i know why she told me what she did... she knew i would do everything to become stronger that itachi and that it would come to this... she told me not to... made me promise...

sakura:?!?!?!whta was that ?!
tsunade: sakura! what are you doing?! regulate your chakra flow! you're hurting him!
sakura:...what? oh! i'm sorry tsunade sensei...
tsunade: sakura? whats wrong?
sakura: i dont know... i suddenly had this bad feeling... i need to go!... sorry i'll be back ASAP!

kakashi: ha ha ha...ha! ha! ha!
sakura: kakashi sensei... Kakashi sensei!!
kakashih! sakura! whats up?
sakura: kakashi sensei... wheres naruto and sasuke?!?!?
kakashi: um... let me think... i think they said something about training...
sakura: What?! how could you let them go alone?? we have to find them!
kakashi: oh... do we have to.... i just got to the best part of -
sakura: NOW!
kakashhi: oh man.... she's scary...^^'

Itachi: Your time has come Sasuke.... say hi to mum and dad for me *evil laugh*
Sasuke: No! get off me!shit i haven't got enough chakra...
Sakura: Sasuke...Sasuke!!
Sasuke: Sakura?? *wakes up* oh it was just a dream.... I looked around and found Naruto leaning on me and was filled with dread.....
Sakura: Sasuke! are you alright? I had this bad feeling and came as fast as i could, but you to were sleeping so...?! Sasuke? why are your eyes red??
Sasuke: I said nothing and continued to stare at the ground
Sakura: Ok then, I'll ask Naruto-
Kakashi: No! dont Sakura....
Sakura: Why? I just wanted to wake...?! No! Naruto!! *slaps Narutos face* Sasuke!! You promised me you wouldnt!!!!!!! You- Sakura colapsed into tears... Why? give me a straight answer! i dont want to hear any of this revenge shit anymore!!!!
Sasuke: I got up, walked over to Sakura , huged her and said four little words, I'm sorry.... forgive me...
Sakura was shocked and b y the look on her face she wanted to say something but i didnt give her the chance... i started to run i ran untill i could no
more.... I was going to go crazy! Not only did i kill my best friend but also the person i trusted most... i betrayed him......

The fight
We both had nearly no chakra left and eventhough the Kyuubi was trying to pursuade Naruto to use his chakra Naruto resisted with all his might... he probalby wanted a fair fight.... We stood up readying ourselfs for our last jutsu, a sudden wind surrounded us with leavs and then i saw it, a slight movement of his hand... thinking he was going to attack i summond every bit of chakra i had left to use chidori. i ran and noticed that he hadnt moved.... i was confussed i wanted to stop but it was too late....You did it Sasuke.... now you are one step closer to kiling him... i'm happy for you... as lond as you're ok and happy i'm happy too... good luck....*dies*

Sasuke:No! No! No! I don't want to think about that anymore.....The pain was unbearable, worse than eny's the same all over again but this time it's my fault....

Sakura: ...Kakashi Sensei.... what are we going to do now? I mean how are we going to tell everyone that
Poof! Naruto had dissapeared
Sakura: Kakashi Sensei?!?! What just happened???
Kakashi:Um... i'd say Naruto ran out of chakra...
Sakura: What?? He's dead how-
Naruto: Hey Kakashi Sensei! Sakura chan! Where did Sasuke- *shock*
Sakura was huging him.... or should i say squeezing him do death? XD
Naruto:...Um Sakura chan...? are you- *dubble shock*
Sakura had sent him flying... smashing into a couple of trees on the way...^^'
Naruto: Hey Sakura chan... what was that for?!
Sakura:! no.... of course not! i was upset but now you're standing infront of me! I know you're not dead but Sasuke doesn't!!
.. and how did you do it anyway? was that a clone??
Naruto:*smiles* I'm glade you asked! I origionaly invented this jutsu(sorry...couldn't think of a name for it ^^') so i can escape from any fight if the opponent is too strong or if i get kiddapped. I needed someone to train with me so i asked Sasuke to train with me... we faught untill we nearly had nearly no chakra left. I used it as Sasuke charged at me with his chidori and was cofussed that i hadn't moved but my jutsu was already finished see? I can do it with a slight movement of my hand!
Sakura: Wow realy? can you show me?
Naruto: How about we find Sasuke first so he can see it aswell?
Sakura: Oh! yeah ok
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