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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
Yay! good 4 u! i had thought about this whole sleeping around philosophy, and heres what i can up with. there is a high % of ppl who get divorced because of spouces sleeping around rite? well, y do they sleep with other ppl? cause their spouce is not meeting their sexual needs. (yes i think it is needed in a marrage :P) BUT, if u w8 until u get married to have sex, u would never know how better some1 else is, there4, u would not desire for something u no nothing about. unless ur advenuras and want to know if all girls r as good as ur wife... thats a really good "explination".... ) i need to try that if i get caught. not that i would cheat on my wife...
If everyone lived that way the world would have happy couples... and did you know that 1/every 8 couples were found online The world is not in peace.

We are very off topic a way...

Deep question:
If the end of the world came, do you honestly think that you would be able to stand on the side of Jesus?

When I truly think about it. I really do not think I can do it, but then I feel that I can. Heart and Brain fight... If it really to happen most likely I guess i will thou... it's hard. All the pain during that time...
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