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Re: NaruHina FC

Here's the summary for chapter 2

The chapter starts off in Tsunade's office, Naruto and Hinata get briefing on the mission. The mission is recorded as an A-class, with two primary goals. The first goal is to train, as Sora was Tsunade's apprentice at one point, she will pass those skills onto them. The second goal is to get Sora to come back to Konoha. This mission is developped by Tsunade to keep Naruto out of danger and Hinata is tagged along by Sora's request. Here's the best part; the mission will take 3 years.

Both, Hinata and Naruto, got emotionally hurt by their teams, when they informed them of the mission. Sakura's careless speechcraft, excessive concentration on the unconscious Sasuke, and lack of care for Naruto's feelings, made the team's last moment a regrettable one. While Hinata broke the news to her team with an attempted soft blow, which failed and caused her to flee with eyes full of tears.

At last, after Sora's quick packing rampage, Jiraiya's failed attempt to hit on Sora, and Tsunade's last-minute terms of keeping her posted, the trio was finally off, backs turned to Konoha.
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