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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

More of the fanfic. ><

“Here we go now!” Matt said cheerfully as he laid two large plates of BBQ out in front of the couple. The food consisted of huge racks of ribs, huge chicken pieces, pieces of animal Sakura could not decipher, and even more assorted meats. All of this was probably soaked in a special sauce which made it look absolutely delicious!

“Enjoy now!” Matt exclaimed to the two.

The ‘cutie’ held a happy expression on his face, but he definitely didn’t get happy responses back. Sakura stared in awe at him, for his waitress uniform was now covered in blood. The wet clothing now detailed what seemed to be his muscular frame…Sakura could only fantasize even more. At seeing his date go crazy over him like this, Sasuke began to glare at Matt.

The blond haired teen came through the curtain with glasses of water in hand. He took one look at Matt, what with his bloodied uniform, and then screamed loudly. To Matt’s displeasure, the boy then fainted.

“Damn it Brad!” Matt shouted as he went to help his co-worker.

Sakura giggled slightly at the scene, and Sasuke got irritated.

“Let’s eat, please…” He said to her, as he turned his head towards the freshly cooked poultry. Sakura acknowledge him and propped her napkin on her lap.

LOL I'm just updating this randomly, kay?

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