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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

ok here it is^^ enjoy

As they sat there waiting for the nurse to come back they both thought about what had happened in the closet. then at exactly the same time they looked at each other, blushed and lookedaway.

Saku: Sasuke you know... i love you....
Sasu:..., he said nothing as if thinking of how to form his next sentence, ...Sakura....
Saku: Yes? Sasuke?
Sasu: Sakura... you mean more to me than you think...I...

He broke off as the Nurse entered.

Nurse: Well Sasuke it seems you've had a tough day today. The cut isn't as bad as it looks and it's already been disinfected somehow... anyway take this medicine once a day and you'll be okay... Um... did i interupt something? she said as she noticed that they where in a kind of uncomfortable situation.

They both looked up, at eachother then away again saying nothing so the nurse decided to leave having said every thing anyway.
Sakura blushed as she felt Sasuke sliding his hands around her into a tight hug.

Sasuke: Sakkura... in the begining i thought you where like all the other girls who seemd to have to waste their time on me just to get my attention... but ever since we were in team 7 i've noticed that you were different... you didn't like me because of my looks but because of who i am... even Naruto who seems to hate me has risked his life more than once to save me... for me he has become a close friend but you... you Sakura have become more than a friend... in the begining it was because you where in my team i had to like you... i never actualy noticed how strong my feelings for you were untill a moment ago in the closet. Sakura I...

Yet again he had to brake off as they once againg got interupted but this time by Ino, Shikamaru and Naruto. Kakashi Sensei had gone to search for Hinata because Naruto wasn't able to find her.

Ino: Forehead girl! Leave my Sauke alone! She said still anoyed at what had happened and was stuned when Sakura just got up to leave without saying anything.
No..., someone said and they where suprised to see that it was Sasuke.
Ino: What do you mean no! she shouted anoyed at the fact that he wanted her to stay.
Sasuke: She stays, he replied coolly, it's none of your bisness why.

Sakura a bit shocked went bach to her seat next to Sasuke and just stared at the ground.

Ino who was already angery also turned bright red and stormed out of the room followed by Shikamaru who was thinking what a pain it would be to try and calm her down leaving Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto alone in the room.
no one spoke untill...

Naruto: Um... so what did the nurse say? he asked.
Expecting Sakura to answer he looked at her but it was Sasuke that answerd.

Sasuke:...said that I'm suposed to take this medication for a week and i'll be fine...
Naruto: Hey Sasuke! ,he said, thats great! Um... does that mean you can come on our next mission with us?
Naruto: Cool! I'm going to find Kakasi Sensei and tell him so he knows. I'll be back in a sec.

Now this is the moment we've all been waiting for... ready?

Sasuke:Sakura, he said in a low tired voice, i can't hold it any longer...
Sakura: Well don't, she said, go to the toilet it's empty you know and you don't have to ask for permission, then said just a stupid joke as she saw the look on his face. Please go on i wont interrupt.
Sasuke: Sakura I... I love you...

Sakura who had been thinking about this moment nearly all her life didn't react as she thought she would have. She just sat there a tad shocked the words sinking in. Jeez Sasuke I thought I would re-

But she had to bracke off coz he was kissing her...XD

After what seemd like a life time they broke off both of them in a dream like state.
They where just sitting there when Naruto came pounding in.

Naruto: Hey I'm back! are you both ready to go?
Naruto:Hey what's up? you both look kinda wierd.

Outside Shikamaru had calmed Ino down when they both heard Sasuke say it.

Sasuke: Naruto i love her...

Ino came running in, I knew it! I knew it! I knew that you've always loved me!
Sasuke: Not you, he said in such a cold voice that Ino burst into tears, Sakura...
Ino: sob... sob... but Sasuke... y... you didn't have t... to say it in such a mean way...
Shikamaru: Ino, it's not the end of the world... there are plenty of good looking guys out there. Let's go home.

Left alone once again they stared at eachother and Naruto said...

Naruto: So... are you gonna get married now? and regretted the comment as he saw the lookes on their faces. Just joking guys! donÄt take it so seriously...

POOF! Kakasi Sensei apeared in the middle of the room.

Naruto: Hey Sensei! guess what Sa- but stopped because Sakura and Sasuke were both staring at him as if to say "if you tell anyone you're dead meat" so he changed it to Sasuke isn't um... aloud to fight to much otherwise the stiches might open.

Kakashi:yesss.... He said as though thousands of miles away, i suppose you're right... he'll just have to watch till he can... come on lets go to Ichiraku.
Naruto: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You're the best Kakashi Sensei, and they left.
Kakashi: oh by the way you're paying Naruto.
Kakashi: ha ha ha just joking XD.
Naruto: * mumbling * great joke....
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