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Re: Claymore

Originally Posted by SimplyZippy View Post
One thing I have to throw out there, though, is that the centering plot is a bit overdone. Attractive half-monster girl walks around in skin-tight outfit + plus medieval armor and gigantic, gravity-defying sword while systematically kicking the ass of every snarling people-eater in a twenty mile radius without mussing up her hair. Sigh.

Even so, I can dig it.
If you were as trained as they are, your body would be in it's best shape as well. They got a few scars though, so they do make the woman less attractive at times. Furthermore the girls are drawn without make-up or anything done to their hair, it's to be suspected from warriors in that age.
Anyway, would you rather watch a ugly girl run the show?
I for one don't, so it's ok as it is. There are a few weird/ugly drawn half-monster girls too though.

It's true they have weird tight outfits of which I can't see useful. But, it's better than a half-monster girl walking around in her pyjama's or something, that would truly be horrible.

But I agree with you on it for the most part, even though it's a nicely drawn series. It does reminds me of a style I do not like, but it's neat/nicely drawn, so no complains here.

About the series, I really like it as well. I'm behind a few episodes due to my vacation, but the serie is really fascinating and enjoyable. You should definitely watch more and get more into it.

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