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Re: NaruHina FC

Chapter 3

The trio's first travel was to Sora's house. As she had indicated, it was located in the mountains on the country's boarder, with a great view. They broke the ice by talking about Kakashi, who Sora had totally forgotten about. Soon Naruto and Hinata found out why Tsunade had complained about Sora's clothes earlier; when Sora released her jutsu and revealed a very messy looking character. Sora's true form attracted unwanted visitors, a group of three ruffians came up to the trio and started asking questions. Sora tried her best to avoid conflict, but failed when the men noticed Naruto's forehead protector. All of Naruto's doubt about Sora's skill got wiped away, when the woman took the guys out with her bright display of "Chakra bind no jutsu". Once the men were out of their way, Sora had a hard time convincing Naruto to pull an act in order to avoid any further conflict. The act consisted of taking their forehead protectors off until they reached their destination, Naruto calling Sora "sister", and Hinata acting as Naruto's girlfriend.

The group stopped in a small town, to rest in an inn. Where Hinata started a conversation with her new sensei, which lead Sora to finding out about Hinata's crush; she was not pleased with Tsunade at this point. Soon the conversation changed into that of future training. Sora gave them a list of 100 essential skills for a ninja to know, as Naruto had soon deducted would not be used for fighting.

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