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Re: If you could eat any NL member...

I'd eat G.Money and he'd taste like stolen TVs.

I'd eat Shino and he'd taste like conspiracy and fascism.

I'd eat Okygyrl and she'd taste strangely erotic, with a hint of bitchy.

I'd eat Lily and she'd taste like gonorrhea.

I'd eat DA and he'd taste like herbal tea.

I'd eat Jaxon and he'd taste like MASSIVE E-PEEN.

I'd eat Aruko and he's taste like drippy vagina.

I'd eat FreshGrease and he'd taste like the physical embodiment of failure.

I'd eat LN and he'd taste ridiculously asian.

I'd then stick my finger down my throat (Which would taste like awesome) and throw all this shit up, so not to get fat.

Holy shit, this thread is brilliant.
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