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Re: Sugoi's Manga Coloring Tutorial


Go back to the Background layer.

For this part of the colouring, we're going to be coloring in the main parts of the image (eyes, skin, hair, etc) with base colors. Base Colors are just the start of a coloring. It means that you're only just getting the colors straight, and will add shading later. Base colors are solid colors--no shading, no lighting, nothing. They're very simple.

It's easiest to succeed when coloring if you have a seperate layer for each color. Such as a layer for "Skin", "Eyes", "Mouth", and etcetra. I usually start with the Eyes, so that's what we're going to do now.

Create a New Layer, and name it Eyes.

Remember, it's important to label your layers. Otherwise you won't know what layer you're working on.

The Layer named "Eyes" should be beneath Lines and above Background. If it's not, click and drag it so that it is. A simple trick: Before creating a New Layer, select the Layer that you want to appear BELOW the layer you're creating. That way, it will always end up where you want it to, and you won't have to re-position anything.

Keep the Eyes layer selected. Choose the Polygonal Lasso and click anywhere outside of the image to deselect it.

Go to the color picker. You can do this by double-clicking on the Black or White square in the Toolbar. Choose a nice blue, or you can use the same selection I did by inputting the numbers you see in the boxes:

Using the Polygonal Lasso, select one of Naruto's eyes by outlining them. (With the polygonal lasso, you will need to click, release, move to a new point on the line, click, release...and so forth. Those with smoother mouses may use the regular Lasso, with which you only need to click, hold, and outline. It can be a lot harder to control though, and I don't recommend it for beginners.)

You may need to zoom in using the navigator. Paintbucket the selection once it has closed. It will look like this:

Do the same with the other eye. Move the boxes or zoom out if need be.

When you're done with that, create a new layer labeled "Skin" and deselect the eye if you have not already. Make sure that the Layer for Skin is BENEATH the layer for the Eyes. Select Naruto's face with the polygonal lasso. Don't worry about the mouth or the eyebrows for now, we'll be making other layers on TOP of the Skin layer to color those.

When selecting a color for skin, go down to the ORANGE in the Color Picker and click near the top left. Play around with it until you get a suitable skin tone. Skin tones will vary depending on the character. For instance, Sasuke is paler than Naruto. You can also use the same settings I chose by going to the Color box and entering the following:

R: 252
G: 224
B: 165

Use the Paintbucket to color the selection.

Create a New Layer above the Skin layer and label it Mouth AND White. This will be used to color in the mouth and the whites of Naruto's eyes. Because the Blue of Naruto's eyes is colored in a layer above the Mouth and White layer, you can just select the entire eye and color it white without worrying about excluding the eye from the selection. The end result should like this:

Now for the tricky part--and this may take a while. Select his hair. Don't be worried if you have to do it in more than one go, such as the majority of his hair in one selection, his sideburns, the hair along his neck, and each of his eyebrows. Pick a nice yellow for his hair, but not too bright, and not too dark. We don't want it burning the eyes, and we definitely don't want it looking dirty. A nice setting for his hair is:

R: 254
G: 226
B: 36

Now, create a new Layer and name it "Gray". We'll do the metal plate of his headband and his zipper in this layer. It's the same story as before--select the area, select a nice color for gray, and paintbucket. It's very simple. Here's a nice setting for gray:

R: 237
G: 237
B: 237

It should look like this when you're finished:

We won't worry about the trees, it's not important. Congrats, you've finished the base colors!
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