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Re: NaruHina FC

uchiha_ you're in, just stay active.

roku_ it's too bad you're discontinuing the chapter. But it's nothing to feel down over; you're responsible enough to inform us on your current situation and pass it on to the next willing writer. I trust you're not leaving us... that's not a request or question... just an expectation

I would gladly continue, but am also busy with latest affairs. School starts tomorrow (hoorah), I've got at least a dozen of unfinished artistic dooha's (my own fanfic, comic, music, etc...). So will ask diane is she would continue your chapter. Just send what you've got when you're ready, my e-mail is

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
silencer299, what I'd like to see is a fanfic that progresses more slowly so that Naruto can be kept in character and more slowly developed in a more realistic way than some of these fanfics where he just asks her out right out of the blue.
Ah, that makes much more sense than what I thought you said. Yeah, when Naruto is turned into emo at the start of the fanfiction, the reader loses all feeling of the Naruto world. I don't read those kinds of fanfictions at all. The one we're currently reading, is very much character-focused, and the transitions are the smotthest than of any others I've seen.

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