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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

huuuh???She was adult-like???How she became like a child?Omg i can't w8 for he new chapter!!!!

EDIT:Spoiler from Naruto Chaos it is confirmed(well it isn't spoiler it is a summary so this is the manga chapter without pics lol) i will post a pic later.

Ichigo and Orihime were stunned by Nnoitra’s words about Nell. Seeing their shocked faces, Nnoitra smirked evilly and made sarcasm at them. “Such a fool. You’re tricked to carry such a dangerous one around”

“ that’s not true.. ” is the answer from Nell “Nell’s not an Espada…”

Her rejection upset Nnoitra that he glared at her face and asked what she’s joking for. But Nell’s reaction only made him suspect even more.

“Did she lose her memory?” The 5th Espada muttered to himself.

“I..I..I..didn’t forget…” Nell still insisted “Nell…wasn’t an Espada…”

Nnoitra was very angry at her insisting remark. He walked toward her with evil intention and rose his foot over Nell’s head. “I didn’t see you only a while, but you already changed into another annoying bitch” After his word ended, He intend to trample her head.

However, Ichigo charged in between them and used the back of his left hand to stop Nnoitra’s assault.

“Ichigo…” creied Nell.

“…Believe me…Nell wasn’t trick you anything…”

“Of course!” Ichigo answered without any hesitations.

“You never deceive us!” He turned his face to look at Nell with a smile. “Don’t worry Nell, we…”

Before he’d end his sentence, Nnoitra kicked him in his cheek. The kick sent Ichigo flied back to the same spot.

“Hnh!!” Nnoitra smiled again “It looks like you really lost your memory. But, never mind. As your head’s banged like that, it isn’t strange at all if you did lose it”

The last part of his word triggered something inside Ichigo “Wait, you said...bang her head...? ”

The Spoon Espada glared at Ichigo. His smile’s still on his face before he answered “Yes”

His hand grasped Nell’s head and lifted her up over his own head. “I’m the one who bang this bitch’s head.”

“Stop it!!!” Ichigo screamed and charged at Nnoitra immediately. The Espada saw his attack and used his weapon to halt it accurately. Before his body collapsed, Ichigo’d managed to attack Nnoitra’s left shoulder

However, his sword can not do any damages to the 5th strongest Espada of Las Noches.

Nnoitra kicked Ichigo to the place far away from his spot. Even though Ichigo was completely torn up, his eyes still stared at Nnoitra firmly.

“….release her…”

“I tell you I’ll bang your head later” The Spoon Espada answered as if it’s nothing “and then I’ll throw you out of Las Noches”

“I told you to release her!!!” Ichigo insisted firmly

“Shut the hell up!!!” Shouted Nnoitra angrily

Ichigo started to attack him again, but the Espada lifted Nell’s body to shield himself as if to challenge Ichigo to cut her. As when Ichigo stopped short…Nnoitra use his weapon to hit Ichigo’s abdomen. His body collapsed on the ground.

Nnoitra throw Nell’s body away like a trash before he walked toward Ichigo. He grasped Ichigo’s right arm and lifted him up.

“I really hate those who can’t even beat me, but try to attack me like this…” Nnoitra muttered while he’s gripping Ichigo’s arm with his both hands “Lets make it end fast, Shinigami.”

The Espada crushed his opponent’s arm strongly. Ichigo’s scream hurt Nell who’s thrown away from the fight.

“Ichigo…Ichigo…Ichigo…Ichigo…!!!” Nell cried out loud, but The Spoon Espada didn’t even bother.

Her heart was torn between the feeling that she want to help Ichigo who’s kind to her and the feeling of fear which her instinct stop her from doing anything. Her mind was oppressed with these feelings that she reached her limit


The sound of explosion distracted Nnoitra from torturing Ichigo. He’s surprised with what he’d seen in front of him. There was a woman sitting in the place where the sound came from. Only the scar on her face and her mask could be recognized that she was Nell.

Here is the pic Nexus posted but more clear

Omg Nell is very hot as an adult but she seems very mad at this pic.
Can't w8 for the chapter!!


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