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Re: - Naruto Shippuuden FC - v2 LSFC

Originally Posted by speedhost101 View Post
I will join.
Hi and welcome to the Naruto Shipuuden/The Leaf Shinobi version 2 FC! I am NejisKunoichi (as you can probably see) and, as I said before, I am the ultimate co-owner that pwns everyone else. Except Naruto NR, the owner.

Hinata would not make a very....hott guy. Way too timid. XD

Kakashi as a girl would be...uh....not right. I've seen Kakashi as a girl (on Naruto Ultimate Ninja XD).

I used to have a picture of Lee as a girl. o_O

Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here. Well, summer vacation's here and I ain't got nothin' better to do! ^_^

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|The Persona FC|

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~The Official Leaf Shinobi FC~ (~Naruto Shipuuden FC~)
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