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Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
well, idk why no one else responded, but i havent been on since i posted last, so theres my reason. and who ever told you ppl get into heaven cause jesus died for so totally right. as long as you accept what he has done for your soul, you can get to heaven. its not possible any other way. not by works, not by having another person tell you, well ill wipe away your sins, (no offence to anyone who might take offence.) and if you find christianity so hypocritacle and terible, then dont even bother to say so. cause i may "not judge you" and i aint, but i really dont give a flip as to your views. if you dont like us, leave. its as simple as that.
The thing is, I only responded because I was called out, if you will, to express my opinions on the matter, which I did. As for how "the system works," I still think it's a load of bullshit, but hey, that's my opinion. Again, I was asked to post my piece, and I did. I don't believe you when you say you're not going to judge me. Quite a few people have judged me based off my stance on things, but hey, I'm paranoid and I don't like people. As for not giving "a flip" about my views, then why the hell make a big deal over this? Seriously. "A closed mouth catches no feet." Learn the meaning behind that little phrase. It'll save you from some embarassment in the future.
Originally Posted by Trey View Post
And the thing is, LN's argument wasn't even that sound (no offense LN).

Zomg, I've been red repped! I wonder who...
No offense taken. I just like to rant.

And yes, I was red repped as well. So, either whoever repped us is trying to be like me (and good on ya), fighting fire with fire (try using water next time), or being a hypocrite. Way to go!

So yeah, I've said my piece, I've made my impact here, so I'm done, for now.

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