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Re: The Genius FC


Name: Kaichi/Jouteishou
Sex: Male
Age: 19/??
Origin: Konoha/Unknown
Hair Color: White/No Hair
Eye Color: Fully White/Fully Black
Height: 5’10/7’0
Weight: 125
Relatives: Parents (Deceased), Brother (Deceased)/None Known

Physical Description

The two of them share the same body, but they have their own separate appearances to match their personalities. Those are as follows:

Kaichi: He’s a petit man, not very heavy or tall. He usually wears a very long white robe that is tied down by a light blue silk cloth tied around it. In his left hip he has the standard ninja equipment, Shuriken, Wire, Kunai Knives, and Explosive Tags. He also holds in there his own invention, he hasn’t quite thought of a name for them yet, they are bombs that fire out extremely cold frozen chakra that has been fed into them, effectively freezing everything in the radius, they appear as round black spheres and detonate when they hit the ground. His face looks about normal with very few distinctive features to speak of. The only thing people notice about him right off the bat is that he has pure white eyes, with only a black outline around the near center. He wears wooden sandals and doesn’t usually carry any kind of extra weaponry or supplies. On his right hip, there is a special container he uses to carry food, water, and first-aid supplies. Kaichi looks completely normal to most people, and blends well into crowds. The only time you would notice anything strange about him is when he is forcibly knocked out.

Jouteishou: Completely the opposite of Kaichi in every way. He is a giant of a man, standing at an even seven feet tall. His skin is blackened and charred, with his chest area a little white near the center. He lacks human characteristics completely, and his entire body is a solid black color. Perhaps the most out of the ordinary thing about Jouteishou is the very top of his head. At the bottom of it, there is a black kind of fire that is constantly burning, and as you go progressively upward it gets a red-ish tinge, and eventually fades into the normal color of fire. This entire process only takes up half a foot on his body. Sometimes, when he is very angry, he can use one of his special powers. This ability allows him to completely coat his body in the black fire that extends out of his head, and that fire in turn extends outward and eventually fades to regular fire. In this state, all of his fire attacks are strengthened by becoming black fire. All objects that have touched this fire have been completely removed completely from existence, not a trace of any of them has ever been found. Further down his body, on his legs, there are two chains with heavy metal balls on them. Despite these he moves normally. In his midsection area, he only has short shorts that are burned off further down until it fades away into his blackened skin. The only way Jouteishou can be brought out is if Kaichi wishes it or if he is forcibly knocked out or killed.


Mental Strengths: Charisma/Lack of Emotion
Mental Weaknesses: Generosity, Trusting/Hate, Anger
Favorite Color: White/Black
Favorite Quote: N/A
Hobbies: Traveling the world looking for a solution to their goal.
Goal/Ambition: Their souls were combined when the demon Jouteishou was sealed within Kaichi’s body. The only life’s ambition both of them have is to find a method where they may fuse their souls. With the ice deity Chi’s soul fused with Kai, creating Kaichi, and the demon Jouteishou sharing the same body, if they are combined they will create the ultimate immortal being of both fire and ice.
Quirks: Kaichi doesn’t understand people very well. Jouteishou mostly kills everything in sight, since he is only brought out in very dire situations.
Greatest Strength: Ice Techniques, Ninja Skill/Strength, Speed, and Stamina far beyond normal human limits and Black Fire Techniques.
Biggest Weakness: Kaichi’s tendency to not listen to Jouteishou sometimes leads to conflict, but not very often. Kaichi is weaker than Jouteishou, so their body being somehow utterly destroyed when Kaichi is in control is one of the only methods of actually killing them.


Capabilities: Extreme Ice Ninjutsu Powers, Well-Trained in Shinobi Arts/Able to Lift Over a Thousand Pounds With One Arm, Extremely Powerful Black Fire Techniques
Weaknesses: Occasional Conflict between them
Special Power: Kaichi’s adaptability and intelligence is his greatest strength. Jouteishou’s extreme strength and aptitude with Katon Ninjutsu is his greatest strength.

Speed: 6*
Stamina: 4*
Intelligence: 9*
Chakra: 8*
Luck: 5*

Speed: 9*
Stamina: 9*
Intelligence: 3*
Chakra: 10*
Luck: 2*
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