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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Thanks for the nickname, it makes me feel like I have influence over you, since you took the time out of your life to come up with a nickname for someone who's trying to stir up some lulz on the Internet.

As for my opinion, I think Christianity is hypocritical, to say the least. I mean, isn't it part of your whole code that you have to treat others with respect and be nice to them? But then there's something called the Crusades, and blaming the Jews for everything, and converting people, but if they didn't convert you'd say, "You go to Hell. You go to Hell and you die!" Then you would kill them anyways. Hm, I think that's called hypocrisy. There are so many other things wrong with Christianity, but I'll just leave it at that for now.

Again, thanks for the nickname. I got a pretty good laugh out of it last night. As for disrespect, I've noticed that there's been some disrespect aimed towards Jewish people in this thread before. Yeah, shinovsnaruto said something along the lines of "I feel sorry for the Jews because they didn't except Jesus as their savior and now they're all going to Hell ". Yeah, that's respectful. And yeah, I'm aware that you'd report me, but ya know, this is the Internet and it shouldn't affect you at all. =/

You're welcome.

Fear Peppa da Red Reppa! >:E
Ya know, it sounds like you think that there's group of anti-Christian people trying to hunt you down, but in all truth there isn't. Just one bored teenager on the Internet trying to stir up some lulz and succeeding, which is the sad part. =/

Oh, and here's something about the Salem Witch trials: they were burned, not hung. Sure, there might have been a few hangings, but burning was the popular form of eradication. And that's not very nice, wanting to hang me. What happend to being nice to others and being accepting?

Now, here's some more on how I feel about Christianity:

Too many factions. Seriously, there's Catholics (and don't pull that "They're not Christians" garbage), Protestants, New Protestants, Methodists, New Methodists, Angelicans, Lutherans, et-fucking-c. You all worship the same dude, you all acknowledge the same prophets, you all believe in the same damn thing. So why the hell are you all broken up? Hell, even Islam has, what, four different factions compared to the dozens of Christian ones? Judaism is the most peaceful religion I can think of, and ya know what? Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all the same thing. You all just have different ways of worshipping.

And before you say, "No, we're different" let me explain; Allah and God are the same entity, just different names. Seriously. And Judaism has influenced both Islam and Christianity. Hell, for the longest time Christianity was a branch of Judaism. All three religions acknowledge the same prophets, all three religions originated in the Middle East, and Jesus was a Jew.

Now let me get started on Jesus. Okay, this guy was born in the Middle East, but in almost every picture/painting/etc. he's white. Bull-fucking-shit. However, an interesting picture I saw in my history book (which is on the Christianity unit) a picture of a wallpainting in a Roman catabomb depicting Jesus. Ya know what? He wasn't white. He had dark skin, dark hair, and was surrounded by his apostles, who all looked like him. If you truly want to see this I can scan the book on Tuesday, upload the picture, and post it.

How's that for expressing my opinions/views/etc. on the subject?
Its better tooo keep your comments too your self and if you are an ateist thats your choice, just leave us alone u need a life man

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