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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
thanks for the compliment, and i wasnt going for a debate with that dude. i know full well im not so good at debating. i should know, i took a debating class, and failed miserably. =\ whatever, but i was simply stating that we dont mind some critisism about christianity, god knows we get enough as it is, but that if he is going to go to such lengths as to give us bad reps, and constantly harp on us about what we say, we dont want to hear it. and dont appreciate it, bored or not. and if he feels so strongly about it then he can go vent in the spam zone, not in our fc. we arnt taking his comments to heart and we will not fall or divide because of his biast views. i think this wil, in fact, bring us together stronger than ever, unite us more against such stuff.

::EDIT:: the reason for the "not much of a fight" is probably because most of the ppl are pretty young. idk who is how old, and there are some new christians too, so they havent faced this b4. their just new, and probably a little intimidated too. *shrugs* if im alone in this fight, so be it.
i have problems with that statement, Christians are a reigning religion up there with the other big ones. Of course your gonna get some crap about it, but you have so many followers it shouldn't matter. =/

@rudeboynin please stop with those short posts that mean nothing and are are bound to become flames, as SugoiNaruto162 said. If you look at your posts in relation to the others, your posts look pretty pointless.

I too am an atheist, and i actually enjoy talking with really religious people, to learn about the religion. Knowledge is power, and i also get their point of view which is often interesting compared to my own. And from doing this i can see the parts of religion that can really help certain people, and i can also see the flaws in the religions. Religion is often a good thing for people who don't know were their life is going, or aren't responsible to make good enough choices; so if they have a god to watch over them then they tend to think about their choices/life more than they would normally. Now of course there are flaws, but i see that most of the flaws come from how the bible is interpreted. People forget that the bible has been translated hundreds of times over and people did change things. I think the first version was in Latin and there are very few direct translations from Latin to English, German, French, etc. But the biggest reason people are aware of these flaws is because of the people that are in public view(ex: Geroge W. Bush) who constantly make people aware of these things in public speeches or addresses.
Another one of my problems is the multiple factions of protestant faith. During the Reformation the church was weak because few believed in it after the black death. So people like Martin Luther and John Calvin, who were well learned, decided to preach their own believes and certain people liked it so they became followers to that faith. So it started with i think 2-4 Protestant religions, but my problem is that there is so fuckin many now. I mean it started to just multiply as time went by.
i also don't completely get why Catholics(including factions), Protestants(including factions), Islam(including factions) and Jewish can't say that they all have the same god. I can understand that because of this that they are always at war, but seriously this all still goes on because adults tell their kids "no son jews are bad" and then that boy hates jews for his life, and it continues down the heritage.

and one last question that i would like answered:
Why are the Jews blamed for the killing of Christ?
i'm confused on this because: the people performing the crucifictions during that period were the Romans(Polytheistic) and they performed this on Jesus(Jewish) because he was a heretic and needed to be punished. So why would the Jews be blamed for that? And why would Jesus want his own faith?
(please correct me if i'm wrong)

props to Lonely Ninja

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