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Re: Bleach Movie - Memories Of Nobody

Originally Posted by kidmac1 View Post

I can't believe some many people thought it was so great. The animation was really good and the story was good to but...It just seemed like the same old same old to me. And Ichigo is a total spaz, and that "I promise to protect you" bullshit is so cheesy. Plus to top it all off I don't understand why he keeps getting away with disobeying the Captain Commender's orders.

And if I was the Captain Commender I would have blow that shit up at the jump
I see what you're saying, and I halfway agree but what can you expect? Even if it's a great anime, it's still anime, with the same stories, the same concepts and themes. The same references to japanese culture and japanese views on the world. I would love to see something from our favorites series' that doesn't do EXACTLY what we thought it would.

As to why Ichigo gets away with everything, I think Capt Commander said he respects Ichigo's strength/powers in the movie and in the anime at some point. So it's just a beneficial relationship for him to keep despite a little flack here and there.

Although maybe in the next movie (other than what's already coming out), or the next story arc Ichigo can fully become enemies with SS again. I mean wouldn't it be nice to see some people die and to see all the betrayals you thought would never happen etc.?
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