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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by Vaste lorde #1 View Post
Jesus is not god there is only one god for everyone just like the jewish peple say jesus is nothing he is a joke a piece of fucking shit.

@gamaoyaban i know more about judisim than anyone here becasue i myself am jewish.

i got it off wiki yeah ok open up any global book search up the internet everything says the same.
well you are wright about something: Jews think that Jesus is wrong about being the messiah. They do, though say that he was a good man and a good teacher, when faced by the fact that he was, indeed, a historical figure. Guess how I know this! My dad's Jewish! You seem to just be baiting these people into getting angry at you for insulting their religion. So stop it NOW before I report you for flaming (where this will inevitably end if you don't stop here).

on another note: wtf is up with Evangelists? I have one for an uncle and my aunt is VERY good at changing to fit in with anyone she is with. They COMPLETELY deny that carbon-dating exists, think that dragons are the proof that dinosaurs existed around the time of man, and they think that Lucy and other humanoid fossils are a test by God to weed the faithful from the unfaithful. My aunt, when my grandmother was getting her knees replaced and she was going into surgery, told my Grandmother, who is Lutheran (she's Danish), that she was going to hell if she didn't embrace HER way of worshiping God. again, I will say, wtf?

funny Evangelist joke: How many Evangelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Who cares? No matter what they are still in the dark.

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