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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by Vaste lorde #1 View Post
boo hoo christains are fake religion jesus is a joke.
No one religion is real. We only percieve it to be real. To christians jesus was the holy one. To buddhist buddha was the enlightened one (Fun fact: Another enlightened person is jesus. :O bet you didnt know that) To judists..(lol) moses rocked. Whatever. Its all in our mind. I said it before and I'll say it again. Religion in my eyes is something we use to explain what cant be, to fill a void we are to shallow and empty to fill ourselves. Its used as a way of life when we have lost the creativity to walk our own way. It is used to dictate our tounges so that they say what we have forced ourselves and our children to believe so that we can further intoxicate our doctrine. Its the hand the combforts the crying whore when shes lying across the floor, its the voice of reason that balances out our sanity. Its the food we eat, and the air we breath. Its the ink in churchill's pen, and its the bullet in a gun. Its the the sword that is used to vanquish those who oppose us and to kiss and embrace that we share so willingly with those who share our faith. Its the sign that says which way is right, and which way is wrong. Its the media telling you to fear what you can not explain, its the part of you that fears ownership for your sins. Its the part of you that cant help but piss itself when you are too much of a baby to stand in the face of your saviour and say "yes my lord, I have sinned. Do with me as you see fit" Its the baby bird that is shot down durring a training session with a gun and your father when your 5. Its the camoflauge that the tiger uses so he can kill his food and feed his cubs. Whos to say whats right and wrong though? Whos to say what I should say or believe. But whos to say that whore should not cry. Who is that loads that gun and chooses who deserves to live. Religion is as empty as we are. Buddhism, judisism, christianity, islamic, all of it. Its all empty. Untill we are not empty, our religions shall remain empty.

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