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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
hmmm, i agree to a point on what your saying. obviously i dont think religion is empty, but i do agree on there being a part of our lives that nothing fills, so we add a religion to make a complete us. its what humanity strives for. like a bottomless hole.
Its a constint circle of you force shit down my throat with a boot, and ill shove it down yours till one of us gets full. But none of our throats are connected to stomaches so this bullshit cycle never fucking stops. Its an unrelenting force of petty bullcrap. You christians force your religions onto athiests and others. Athiests whine and compain to everyine one else. Buddhists dont say anything because if they opened their mouths they would go against everything buddhist because every religious follower is such an asshole. Every jew that iv seen got pissed off at me because I said hitler. Just put down the god damn guns people. Just put them the hell down. So what if I made a hitler joke. So what if that guy believes that when you die you turn into a pile of crap and then children make a shit snowman out of you. Just let everyone be. Its no longer a safe confrentation, its become a paper back war fought between your pen and men. The saying goes the pen is mightier then the sword, but atleast the sword can dull and become useless. The pen is relentless, it can destroy monarchies and countries can fall under ink soaked words. I just dont get it, please explain this to me. Why is everyone so "Omg you like shouldnt like say anything like bad about like my religion..and then you should like join us" If your trying to fill your own emptiness then why do we throw concrete mix into others and hope it sticks
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