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Something to add

Just thought I'd point out something that you could add to the site:

Under your Naruto Fonts part of the site, you have the english fonts, bt don't have the japanese fonts. I have, in fact, come across the japanese fonts, or, atleast, what seems to be them. In any case, if you'd like to post them on the site, they are free to download it here.

It may not be 100% the same, but I've found that it's as close as you're gonna find.

To use them, you have to have the japanese unicode active on your PC. As far as I know, these fonts do not work on anything other than a Windows based machine.

To check to see if you have it working or not, click Start > Control Panel.

Change the CP to Classic View.

Locate and double click "Regional and Language Options"

Click the Languages tab and make sure the two check boxes are checked.

Then, still in the languages tab, click the "Details" button.

Click "Add" and in the top drop down menu, locate and click on Japanese. It should automatically change the second drop down for you. Press OK.

Now, under that you'll see another box "Preferences" and find the "Language Bar" button. Click it.

Click the first box, and any other boxes you want.

You're done. Click Apply and then OK.

Now you should see a little box next to your toolbox in the bottom right with the letters "EN" for english. Simply click it, and choose "Show Language Bar" and it will appear in the top right part of your screen.

Open whatever you want, like notepad or photoshop, and make a new file. Click the toolbar you just opened and change the language to Japanese, and to type in japanese, click the "Input Mode" button and choose "Hiragana" and begin typing.

It's got a built in dictionary, and you can change the calligraphy of the words by pressing the down button and choosing the one that's right for what you're typing. For the most part, when you type something, it should come out the way it's supposed to. It also automatically makes "borrowed words" that are supposed to be in katakana, in katakana, or you can change that manually and type strictly in katakana. Great for typing names.

If you have any questions, just ask me on IRC. I should be in #Naruto.
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