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Re: just wanna tell you...

Originally Posted by azumi149 View Post
i just wanna tell u that i love you and im willing to be ur bride whenever you ask me to, and im sorry for all my mistakes and thank you for loving me inspite of my imperfectness... ~for my baby...

<this thread is made for people who want to express their feelings about someone but dont want others to know who that someone is... no flaming please... just post them>
*crys* Im so happy that you feel the same as i do *fans self* This is so unexpected! omg I promised myself I would cry *Receives sash and roses* Id like to thank my mom for keeping me from eating..and..omg just every body!

Lol If I said my feelings for my girlfriend people would say stuff like "Arnt you too younge to think about that" or "Your not being realistic" Hell dark aztekz doesnt even believe me and her have been going out 5 years (on and off) I realy dont want people giving me shit so ill say the cliche: I love her so god damn much, its a distanced relation ship but its still close. She only lives like 6 hours away (upstate new york...practicaly in the fucking mountains) So its like we're close enough to get teased by the distance but I love her none the less.
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