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Re: The next captain commander

I've forgotten what his name is, but I think that the captain who is always sick would make a good Captain Commander. That is, if he wasn't so sick all the time.

He's definitely one of the most intelligent of the Captains, and possibly one of the most dutiful without being as belligerently superior as Byakuya.

Also, as the series has thus far avoided showing his Shikai and Bankai in action, we can assume that he is probably very powerful. The next time he gets a chance to use them probably won't be until the Winter War, which means he'll be fighting the super high level enemies that come later.

After all, so far the enemies have only gotten stronger.

EDIT: Oh, and it would also give him a good reason to sit around on his butt all the time in the same building. I don't think that Yamamoto has a good reason. For his power, Yamamoto should take a more hands-on approach.

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