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I like UT's idea of spoilering new episode discussion.

Originally Posted by UT
Yeah, I was surprised when Mai (or is it May? I dunno lol), kissed Zuko. But then I remembered that a month had passed since season two's finale, so I guess the beginning of the relationship occurred off-screen... Which is kinda disappointing, but I have to say I laughed when she was like, "I just asked how you were, not for your whole life story," xDDD With more scenes like that I might end up really enjoying the pair.
I'm sure we'll get to see the relationship develop as the story moves along. Maybe the creators were just trying to get that, "OMG SHE DID WHUT?!" reaction from the fans.

Originally Posted by UT
Though I do wonder if there's more to it... hope Mai's not helping Azula in some way. =/
Remember, Mai had a crush on Zuko when they were younger, so I don't think it's completely staged. Although I could see Azula trying something like, "Oh, by the way, can you get Zuko to light this monkey-fox on fire? Thanks!"

Originally Posted by UT
The short = adorable <3

My biggest complaint.... no Iroh! >.<
Agreed and agreed. I'm sure we'll get to see plenty of Iroh, though.

Originally Posted by UT
I did like how many times Katara hugged or touched Aang's face. Aang with hair is very cute, imo. He looked great suffering the ocean after his "I must restore my honor" (very Zuko-ish xD), and the group hug was very sweet.
Those two are gonna bumpuglies develop a caring, wonderful relationship later in the series. I just know it.
He looks a bit odd with his hair, but it'll help cover his arrow. Aang should've been smart and stick around with the gang in the first place. <.<
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