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Re: Christians Unite FC

More questions? You have answered nothing! The girl who was raped that is no laying dead, defiled, cold, and rotting in the back of a ware house, how is that good for her. The killer who is fine with his acts, he doesnt go to god, keeps killing and is never caught. Where are the positives? Negitives dont always make a person go to God.

I never said christians have it easier nor do they escape alement, i dont realy know where you got that from. Also why the hell does god care about his son? He can make more! thousands. If he wanted to, he could endow all of us with his powers. jesus (his son) was a hollow shell that is easily replacated. So I find nothing palable in his death. It was god just saying "Omg look...MAGIC TRICK" and we all just pissed and shit ourselvs.

If you are right, I am thus then god's child. I shouldnt have to ask my father for help. My real father, if he saw me shooting birds he would grab the gun and remove it from my hands. Why does god not do the same? 'cause I have not exepted him? Well now...i guess hes right....lets make people believe by believing in me! YEAH!

I personaly think you filtered my question, not answered them.
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