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Re: Avatar: The last airbender FC

Originally Posted by Kunoichi24 View Post
I'll add you in, Katonha!

I'll let a mod know we're official. Awesome sig, Mat!!

I can't believe the position Azula put Zuko in, but that's Azula for you! And Ozai...He didn't look evil at all! He looked like Zuko.:P
Mai was rude. Zuko poured his heart out and she YAWNS! I would've smacked her.
Aang with hair is cute! I'm not much of a supporter of Katara/Aang, but their interactions were cute. But there WAS Zutara Symbolism! When Katara was talking to her father, Zuko was too, at the same time. And he remembered the Spirit water, and never told Azula!
Toph rocks, as always. And Sokka is fast becoming my new fave!
Do we have to use the Spoilers or what.
Azula always has some kind of plan to benefit her self. And Ozai didn't look all that evil, but i am guessing he can look it when he wants to.
Zuko and Mai just happened out of nowhere. I mean, we knew that she liked him and all, but i thought that they would develop a relationship later in the season.
Aang did look pretty cool with hair, but i still believe that there is going to be something between Zuko and Katara.
Toph and Sokka are just going to get cooler and cooler as time goes on, especially if Sokka learning how to use a sword is true.

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