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Re: Would Sasuke Kill Naruto Now?

I dont think so. Not only for all the reasons listed above, but after rereading the Naruto/Sasuke encounter, Sasuke recognized the Kyuubi. Now maybe this is better suited to a different thread, but the Kyuubi gave a warning directly to Sasuke after he suppressed the Kyuubi chakra. The Kyuubi warned Sasuke not to kill Naruto or he would definately regret it. This seems to me that the Kyuubi knows about the MS and the sacrafice requirement, and probably knows something about the MS that the other Uchihas dont know. I thnk that Sasuke just might be smart enought to heed that warning.

However, at the beginning of this little conflict, Sasuke was quick to pull his blade and swing to impail (ahnd presumably kill) Naruto. He also stated that just at a whim, he was gonna kill Naruto this time. Just as, at a whim, he spared Naruto's life before. Luckily enough that Sai prevented it.

theres no way he knew it was a shadow clone from the start, I think he has no feelings at all for naruto anymore.
When "whats her name" stated that they were surrounded by many people with identical chakra, Sasuke had to know that it was Narutos Bunshin.

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