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Re: Whats up with the Hawk references.

well, the most obvious is Sasuke's appearance, who, in cursed seal level 2, looks alot like...a hawk. while Itachi seems to relate to ravens or crows. For some reason, it appears Uchiha's relate to some kind of bird of prey.

In the story, as it stands now, the hawk and snake references seem to relate to sasuke's strength and mindframe.

The Snake- which is what sasuke is at this time. A being concerned with nothing but revenge and as a result, evil and evil, selfish actions. The snake lives only to gain power and will destroy everything in persuit of its own goals. Like a snake, Sasuke can only see what is before him, much like Orochimaru was.

Hawk- What sasuke could become. Like his brother who is represented by the crow, Sasuke could be a bird of prey. One in tune with the powers of his own clan that is able to see the bigger picture. A hawk flies above and is able to see all. Even more powerful than the snake.

Either Sasuke remains a snake, using oro's teachings and snake jutsu to obtain his goals or he sheds all that and becomes a true uhchia, a bird of prey like his brother, a crow, usuing Uchiha jutsu and teachings......mainly his sharingan.

^^thats what it all meant to me.

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