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Re: Naruto RPG FC

Ooc: @ I'MNOTCRAZY You mean he is asleep? O, i never knew.
@rudeboynin almost done!

"Akatsuki, cuz they wanted to kill more people to see the power of one certain person."

Okashii swears under his breath. "Rock Blast! Losing chakra" Makes a tiny dent in the metal." He swirls up another mass blue thing and throws it at the door. It went all the way through the door, but it was the size of an eye. He looks through. "One more should do it" he huffed. "Rock blast." The hole grew large enough for him to jump through. Okashii eats a chakra replinishing pill and jumps through seeing two ninjas and Ryoku tied to a chair with metal. "What in the world..."
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